Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Animal Jam Toy Animal Figurine Collection

Hey jammers! My goodness, it's been a while, hasn't it? I'd been so tired after finals I fell into a hibernation it seems. But now time for summer!! And you know what summer brings, right?
Well, not only does it bring the hair-dresser furniture set, this summer will also bring Animal Jam's first figurine line! So many toys: bunnies, koalas, tigers, horses, foxes, deer... Oh my!

You know what I find curious? That the "hat with feather" received the go ahead with production – it's always seemed like the nonmember version of the headress to me. Cultural appropriation and all that.
Can't deny these figures are pretty darn cute though; hopefully the high production rate will still maintain a high quality of product. 
What quirky little designs and colorations they have created for this set!
Hehe, the little penguin looks like it has eyeliner! A handsome pirate...
In other news, a sparkly pegasus comes with a lil' party hat!!
And, oh my, are those sunglasses are the top of that tiger's noggin?
Much like that tiger I too often lose track of my glasses on  my head. It's a constant struggle! But to remind this fabulous feline we have adorable little pet companions (complete with their own houses).
Not to mention the houses for the animal figurines!
They have at least two in this collection.
Such snazzy wings the deer has. Such style.
And a wonderful little fox, basking in the pinkness of their princess castle. I do enjoy how there are are no excess of eyelashes on the animals – sometimes toys targeted to largely female audiences can go a little overboard. Pretty tasteful designs, a little bit for everyone, eh?

What do you think of this true launch of the Animal Jam toyline?
To see the video source for these pictures click here!
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