Saturday, May 21, 2016

New Plants and Diamond Animal Sale

Hi jammers! So sorry for the lack of posting, everyone is so busy at this time of the year. Firstly we have a set of new plants arriving in Treetop Gardens: the Mass Cane Plant, Chinese Evergreen Plant, and Boston Fern!
Down in Jamaa's oceans, we have the returning Sea Turtle Submersible, Octopus Submersible, and Shark Submersible in Sunken Treasures. Hopefully, we see more returning or even new ocean den items in the near future!

Speaking of ocean dens, there is an Epic Den Contest going on over on AJ's Daily Explorer. Submit your decorated ocean dens for a chance to earn the new Epic Den Plaque! 
AJHQ are also hosting an Imagination Fair on the Daily Explorer throughout May. You can click here to find out more!
And lastly, today is your last chance to participate in the animal diamond shop sale! All animals (except the hyenas) are five diamonds! Perfect time to grab the polar bear before they begin their travels.  
Happy jamming!!

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