Friday, March 9, 2012

Castle Den Skyways

Hey jammers! Two more skyways, this time in the two castle (member) dens. Woohoo! Just follow the instructions below and you'll be flying in no time! I found these myself.

teacher - myself
Start at the top of the castle
den (more to the left than this).
Click on the ground down
below to start moving.
Click a nearby arcade game.
Click rules.
Click "x"
You'll then start moving downwards!
Click the wall, and you're there!
To get to the sky you can sneak
up the walls here. 
Now you can sleep on a cloud!

teacher -  myself
Start at the top of the princess den.
Click on the towers to your left.
You'll need to do the following
very quickly.
Click the arcade game. 
Click rules.
Click the "x"
You'll start moving to the left on the wall!
Now you can fly
. . . like a princess?

I'll be leaving my castle den up for those who want to try it. Hopefully these are fun, but remember, there is more than one way to do each glitch. Happy jamming!



  1. Hi snowy,
    My Friend Bluemoon000 was the first jammer to find the Castle glitch and I was the first to post it on my blog I also have another glitch in witch I found just go to this link to see it

  2. Supastar101 (user on AJ)March 10, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Nice job snowyclaw!!!! i never knew the princess castle! thanks for telling me! :D

  3. Snowyclaw!!! I really like u and I think ur blog is awesome!! My username is kirbyzeldarox will u plz buddy me?! I want to show u new crystle sands and tree house den glicth!!! :)

  4. i love u snowyclaw!!! i wanna show u the claws and paws glitch! (if u know it ignore this comment) and i think i'm the first one to find it!

  5. i haven't met any shamens yet and i don't no any legends about shamens oh well someday i might.

  6. snowy no offence but it didnt work :( Btw im kittymoooo =3

  7. For the castle one (not pink) there's a easier way to do it now.

  8. Call me glitch queen!

  9. I love the skyways, but they didn't work! One worked, it's the castle den!


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