Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow and Shiveer Skyways

Hey jammers! Just so you know, there are multiple ways to get up to the sky in every land or den, you'll need to test it out for yourself to find what's easiest for you. Enjoy the skyways.

teacher - myself
Start here in Mt. Shiveer.
Click below near
the rock wall.
Click Gem Breaker icon.
You'll have to wait a few seconds,
until you're about here (but the Gem
Breaker menu will be up, so estimate).
Now click rules.
Then "x" out of the rules.
Be sure to click to the right of the door
as soon as you start walking off the cliff
ledge (otherwise you'll go to Crystal Sands).
Now you can sneak your way up and over the
door and along the edge of the cliff to the sky.
Now you're up! Happy flying.

teacher - myself
Start here in the Snow Fort den.
Click on the bottom
left of your screen.
When you're in this area
you'll need to do the "game-rules-x".
To do the "game-rules-x" click a nearby game.
Click rules.
"x" out off the rules menu.
If you do it right you'll start moving
downwards, click the wall.
Now you can go up and fly in
the Snow Fort den!
Here is a list of all the currently working skyway glitches I've posted already. More are coming soon!

Hopefully this was helpful. Happy jamming everyone!


  1. Hi snowy remember me? I showed u the pink/purple tail armor for your blog! Happy jamming friend me I'm rorosmithhorse.

  2. Hey Snowy!
    I was the first one to find this glitch and when I tryed to post the glitch (the mt.shiveer one) I couldn't because apperantly I wasn't aloud to be "on after 7 cause of school" err I disslike school and Snowy I know an easer way I'll post my blog link later because I'm on my ipod right now so you can see the easyer way!

  3. snowy i no a new one! it is at crystal sands.
    1- you stand at the bridge ware the water slides are
    2- you click the cave to ware the mt shiverr is at
    3- you click the matching game and then the rules and exit off of it
    4- then you click on the boulder/cave to get up
    foundit by myself

  4. I need help with the jamaa glitch from winter431 friend me

  5. Mt. Shiveer 1 is the 1 me and QAZAR tried to do!


  6. Wow! This helps lots! thanks!

  7. What if there are no arcade games around? Not every member has them in their den..

  8. Hey, Snowyclaw, there's a new glitch at the Wolves Only Party! I'll tell you the steps to do it later, I can't remember them all.


  9. Oh, whew! I can remember the steps for the Wolves Only Party now!


  10. Are there any new ways for skyways? Aj has removed them all :(


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