Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Frog and a New Flag

Hey jammers, the new item today is the Guatemalan flag.
Don't forget about the update tomorrow. Be sure to grab a few Lucky Day items, I doubt they will go so soon (St. Patrick's day is yet to pass), but's better safe than sorry. When buying some capes in the ocean I noticed that the shop is "Jam Mart Clothing." It's been there a while for sure.
Strange? I've also noticed this glitch that, at least for me, has been popping up more and more often. How about you guys?
I was also going through my storage accounts recently when I found an item I forgot about. It made me curious...
I bought it a while ago, anyone know how rare it is? I've seen it a few times, but not so much latley. But the most important questions is - who is CAMI? And why does she have frogs?
Meanwhile, I'm sure you'll be happy to notice, you don't need to type in a verification word anymore! Commenting has never been easier (blog motto? I think yes). Happy jamming!


  1. Yea he is rare "Cami's Frog)
    Why don't you send it over to ur other resent account?
    He is quite rare and cool

  2. Aww I've always wanted a cami's frog :*( your lucky snowyclaw and yes the cami's frog is quite rare and It's a great den item.
    P.S I love the glitches and I'm also curious how do you know all the glitches?

    - Tillyelisha

  3. Koalabieber posted on her blog who Cami is. And it's the true story.

  4. :D i love the new commenting style snow! I can ussually not read it... Anyways, gtg because me and my family are going to drive home. So I might get on later if I'm home. Anyways, bye!!!! Btw, who the heck is cami?

  5. Hey Snowyclaw!

    To read about Cami and her story, go to:
    It's a really sweet story, and I cried after I read it...

    Your Fan~

  6. Snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnowwwwwwwwyyyyyy
    You know that glitch when it takes your stuff it took my top hat :'(


  7. Oh yeah its easy!

  8. I had a frog once, I had no idea it was so rare! I traded it for a fox hat.


  9. I think I may have had that once! I didn't know much about AJ then, I didn't realize items would disappear and be rare! and especially about the part of the raised prices! I miss my Cami's frog!

  10. I've got one of these. I had no idea it was based off of that story! I shall display it proudly.
    (BTW, on the website for Cami, they've got a picture of the top floor of the original Beta Den. It was an amazing three story den that was just plain HUGE.)

    I was aware of how rare these are. I've only seen about three besides my own. I was a plushie collector back then, so I have the original Orange Gecko (about three times rarer than the Green Gecko). :3

  11. Here's all I know about second CC glitch... *CC coral canyons* to enter it be near the river inside glitch you know...

  12. i get that glitch a lot its funny and a little annoying. =ellessar77

  13. Hi Snowyclaw , i have found the gingerbread glitch , message me when your online , then i can show you the glitch.My username is mewmewsara.~Mewmewsara

  14. Cami's frog (I'm taking a guess) is from after beta? (just a guess...)


  15. Commenting has never been easier! Yup! It never has! XD Blog motto, I think it would make a good 1 snowyclaw!


  16. Yay! I have Cami's Frog too! It was the first den item I bought, so it means a lot to me! Thanks Snowy for showing this! :D


  17. catswarriorsandbibleMarch 14, 2012 at 8:27 PM

    what does beta mean???

  18. Beta is before AJ was fully released, basically it's when AJHQ was testing the game.

  19. A Cami's Frog is a pretty rare beta item, I might have one on a different account (Gray267). I thnik they are worth like a Robot or something, they are Beta items.

  20. Cami was a little girl that had leukemia, a type of cancer. Cami's Father, Pat, Worked for Smart Bomb (the company who started Animal Jam) thought of a stuffed animal to put on AJ when it was beta. He made the frog that in reality Cami had the same one. He called it Cami's Frog as we do today. Cami's AJ username is Nouse20. I got this info from

  21. Great news Guys Cami Does NOT have leukemia anymore!! You Go Cami

  22. i wish i had bought one in betta nao they r rare :(

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