Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Clover Wand, Schoolhouse Party, and PW Lucky Day Items

Hey jammers! Today we have our first of many Lucky Day (St. Patrick's Day) items, the Clover Wand on sale in Jam Mart Clothing!
If you aren't aware already, the Schoolhouse Party has returned from the back to school season in September 2015! 
Although some jammers try to escape school on Animal Jam, the party sells a neat collection of classroom nest items. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Leap Year Party - coming within the next few days!
Do you have a favorite classroom item? Over on Play Wild, we have new items coming in for the Lucky Day celebrations at Jam Mart Clothing!
Perhaps we will see a different version of the above items come to Animal Jam. Ohh, I love the Clover Bowtie and Lucky Charm Bracelet! While Lucky Day items come in, Friendship Festival items are departing...
Grab the Heart Earrings sold in Jam Mart Clothing while you can. Happy jamming! 

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