Friday, February 19, 2016

Old Winter Boots, Goat Minibook Answers, and Lucky Armor

Hello jammers! Tig here - today's new item is the Old Winter Boots on sale in Shiveer Shoppe!
Struggling with the goat minibook quiz? Here are the answers for you, although I suggest you have a read through the beautifully illustrated book first, right?
You will certainly learn several interesting facts about goats - complete the quiz to earn yourself a Goat Trophy. How are you liking the animal trophy collection? More to come I assume!
Winter is coming to an end in Jamaa and in real life; perhaps AJHQ can get you in the springtime spirit with this adorable background! Ohh how I love spring, the pretty flowers, warm weather, and gorgeous scenery. Do you have any favorite spring activities?
Speaking of spring, our favorite Lucky Day celebrations will begin soon! Pop down to the Diamond Shop to check out the returning Lucky Armor from last year. I'd love to see the return of the Lucky Clover adventure, but maybe a little easier this year. I heard a rumor that the Lucky Armor looks pretty neat on the new goat animal!
To finish up today's post  here is a cute goat illustration from Animal Jam's Twitter/Facebook. I'm pumped for my diamond reward next week to purchase one of these little guys. Happy jamming!

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