Friday, February 5, 2016

Snow Leopard Claw, Heart Scarf, New Features, and Selfies

Hi jammers! Tigerly here - we have more follow-ups from yesterday's Jamaa update. Firstly, today's new item is the Snow Leopard Claw on sale in the Diamond Shop!
With a new festival in Jamaa comes new loading screens, aren't they absolutely adorable? Good job AJHQ - I love the selfie loading screens, hehe. 
What does friendship mean to you? I'm in love with the goat design - hoping the goats don't look derpy and deformed like most animals AJHQ brought out last year.  Next up, we have a new JAG!
Perhaps Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Animal Jam yearly? Be sure to pop over to the beautiful Chinese New Year Party when it's on from your party menu. 
AJHQ has rolled out new feature in our clothing inventory - now we can clear our outfits instantly with just one click. Certainly looks like we will be getting new features this year, doesn't it? 
Isn't it exciting seeing Animal Jam celebrating different cultures? The carnival is back for two weeks only - take a trip with your buddies to escape the cold weather and enjoy playing fun games or getting your paws on those prizes you missed last summer!
Over in Jam Mart Clothing, the Heart Scarf is returning for the Friendship Festival. Make sure you wrap up nice and cosy during Jamaa's winter; the scarf looks comfortable on most animals. 
Take care and happy jamming!

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