Friday, February 19, 2016

Fashion Friday #20: Friendship Fads!

*The Winter Contest Winners WILL be announced! I forgot to announce an extension to the 25th of February! Thank you all for the AWESOME entries! It's going to be really hard to choose a winner.*

Ciao, jammers! Welcome back to another episode of Fashion Friday! This week's theme was Friendship! Let's jump right in with a cute, violet-y nonmember seal!

This is a seal with a light purple base, white secondary, and a gray-purple pattern. Many people stray away from the gray-purple color because it looks a bit dull, but pair it with bright colors and you've got awesome. Since I'm a nonmember now, I am limited to only what hasn't got that shiny yellow tag on it. I went with a left heart necklace, a purple heart backpack, and a purple friendship bracelet. It's a lot of purple, I know.

 I guess you could say that's a purproblem! Eh? Eeeh? You know what, I tried. I can't think of a single word that rhymes with purple. Do you have one? Leave it in the comments. 

Next up is a simple bunny design.
This bunny is made up of simple items that you can find in stores. It's got a light yellow a daisy? a peanut? colored base coat, and a slightly dark pink secondary. The bunny pattern for hearts is one of my favorite usages because of the cute little mark around the eye. I made this pattern a pastel pink to go with the base. A pink Ribbon Scarf and Head Flower finish off the look. I've already ranted about how great the Ribbon Scarf is, but oh boy, the Head Flower. Its variety of colors make sure it goes with virtually anything. And it's so cute! 

Here's an amazing (also nonmember!) friendship outfit by FloraVonbelleAJ!
What a beautiful bunny! I love the choice of the moon pattern to go with the hat. Awesome!! And you picked a very nice color combination in the purple and yellow. Very cute, Flora!

Keep sending me outfits, jammers! It makes this job 8 times easier!

That's all for today, everybody! See ya!

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