Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spirit Stories - Blaze: Part 2 - #3

Hey jammers! Here is the next installment of Blaze! This week, the story is a little shorter. What do you guys prefer? Do you enjoy the long ones, or do you like the shorter ones? Let me know in the comments! 

Shadow sighed as she trudged down the dirt road. She felt like she had been walking forever, although she knew it had really only been half an hour, at the most. Everything looked the same around here, and it seemed as if they were walking in circles,

Ruby was not helping. Not one bit. Shadow thought her ears would fall off from the constant chatter. She had managed to stay silent in the beginning- for say, a grand total of one minute- but after that she couldn’t seem to stop talking.

Shadow halted, and Ruby walked right over her, nearly stepping on her. Shadow would’ve bet that Ruby would have kept on walking had Shadow not tugged on her tail to stop her. Only then did Ruby turn and pause her babble about how the colors of each house simply must be the owners’ favorite colors, "otherwise how could they stand them?"

“Yeah?” Ruby squeaked.

“We need to figure out exactly where this monster is.”

“On the other side of town!”

“Yes, but we can’t just wander aimlessly around town hoping to find a monster who will most likely ambush us! We need to find someone who knows more.”

“Okay,” Ruby said doubtfully.

A little while later, Shadow had stopped three animals walking in the area. One hadn’t heard of the monster, but the other two had two locations close to each other, and both were caves. Finally feeling a bit more productive, Shadow strode quickly now, looking for a place that would sell supplies for the journey.

Suddenly, she heard crumbling and shrieks coming from the side of the path. Turning around, she stared in shock at a den collapsing near them. The walls seemed to be cracking.

Ruby gasped. “There are animals inside. Come on!” Without hesitation, Ruby raced to the den.

Shadow growled, partly irritated that Ruby was being so reckless and partly annoyed that she had been the first to act. With a sigh, she raced to the scene of the den, frustrated that she was once again saving others at her own expense.

That's it!  Like I said, short :3 I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to let me know whether you like longer or shorter stories!  See you in Jamaa ^-^

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