Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pig Bookcase, Rug, and Paint Studio Items

Hey jammers! We have two new additions to the pig den item set being sold in Jam Mart Furniture: the Pig Rug / Bookcase!
Such adorable new items!! Over in Paint Corner located in Peck's Art Studio, we also have two returning items previously on sale in Jam Mart Furniture last year. 

Lovely to see AJHQ giving Peck's Art Studio more attention. Yesterday's Play Wild pet update also brought out a new Jam-a-Gram - in celebration of pets arriving!
I completely forget to mention yesterday that the Play Wild loading screen also had an update.
I always absolutely adore Animal Jam's unique art style, although that logo looks a little stretched haha. And to wrap up today's post, there is information on Make Music Day happenings on the Daily Explorer.
Click here to read the post - happy jamming!!

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