Monday, June 20, 2016

Rare Sombrero & Animal Jam Art Museum

 Hey jammers! Here we have a late little post about Animal Jam's latest Rare Item Monday. You can purchase your very own Rare Sombrero in the Summer Carnival for today only! Hehe, looks like cotton candy...
Pretty pricey though, let me know if you'd like me to send you one in the comments below, I'll buy a few extra. ^-^ Speaking of pricey though, I've been purchasing WAAY to many masterpieces...

And it's all of the same art! Be sure to comment on the video if you'd like to win a copy for your den. ^-^ Jammers have been asking me questions on how to draw the fur as I did, so my friend Artymis and I will be starting a little art tutorial series on YouTube.
What subjects would you like us to cover first? Fur & hair tutorials? Water? Clouds?? The Art Studio can be so much fun when you figure out ways to tackle the limited tool set.

I'm also starting an Art Museum – the entrance is the portal to the left of my den. If you'd like to donate a piece of art feel free to send it to me anytime!
To wrap up our post I have a little snapshot from the Bunnies Only Party! It sounds like a cute little place, but it is in fact a rather spooky burrow (with lots of Pecks to spot). Then there is this spooky phantom-like image on one of the drums... What kind of art style is that? From how long ago was that? How OLD is PECK? o,o

Off I hop, hope to see you around Jamaa!

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