Saturday, June 11, 2016

Play Wild Pets, Jumbled Up Mini-game, and Tigers Only Party

Hey jammers! If you play Play Wild you'll be delighted to hear that pets have finally arrived with a new mini-game and party!
All jammers can adopt pets from the Sapphire Shop or Claws n' Paws located at The Appondale!  Currently both the tabby kitty and playful lab are 50 sapphires.

You can pick a name for your new pet and customise its colours just like Animal Jam. Once you've purchased your new pet you'll receive a pet adoption certificate!
 Claws n' Paws is now assessable from The Appondale selling furniture items for pets.
Here are the pet furniture items on sale. 
Next up, we have an all-new ''Jumbled Up'' mini-game. Find the hidden items to earn gems! 
Summer has also arrived in Jamaa and AJHQ has hinted that summer activities will be beginning soon! What sort of events would you like to see? 
And the tigers of Jamaa now have their own unique special party selling clothing items!
Here are the clothing items on sale.
And lastly, a new video will be available to watch every couple of days at the Sarepia Theater! 
Happy jamming!

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