Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jamaasian Additions

Hey jammers! Lot's of new things as well as future excitement. First of all I'd like to mention that Long Shot is on double gems at the moment, hopefully it helps in your gem earning (they should make best dressed double gems...).
Next up is full screen mode, mentioned by an anonymous commenter in the last post, I had found it a long time ago but never thought to mention it. On a mac you can press F5 to make the toolbar of the screen disappear, making taking pictures much easier.
You can still do actions and chat by typing (use things like :D or :play: for actions and emotes) and pressing enter as normal. F6 for macs also changes screen resolution, this can help with load time supposedly, though you'll need to try for yourself.
This should work relatively the same for Windows, which I know most people use. But as a warning, changing screen quality will make your emoticons quite strange!
If you need assistance on taking a screenshot look at this AJ help link. Then there is the new and amazing ability that I suggested to AJHQ a while back (a long time ago). Now your SCREEN will move with you as you edit you DEN! I'm so excited, this will make things so much easier. For more info be sure to read the Jamaa Journal article.
Meanwhile, there is that strange structure in Coral Canyons, what do you guys think it will be? More on the waterfall is explained in the Jamaa Journal.
Don't forget to check by the Jamaa central board, more artwork and a new calender is posted, the dates in December may have some hints on when the update will come for the Jamaalidays.
Plus a new pet and a monthly member holiday gift are coming next month!! Are you guys excited for the Jamaalidays?
 What will they be? Be sure to vote on the holiday gift in the blog poll, but post your ideas in the comments as well! Tons of fun in Jamaa, how are you liking it jammers?

AJ was under another update...
But nothing is new...


  1. Yay! Snowyclaw you inspire me to become more enthusiastic on my blog. And yes, I also find the emotes funny looking! Jam on for the Jamaalidays and I agree Best Dressed should get Double Gems soon.

  2. @GreenFun
    I'm glad I could help! You do a great job at your blogging, see you around Jamaa!

  3. I think the Monthly Gift is a gingerbread house. They are sweet and all, plus, the picture looks like a house.

  4. Awesome! Lots of people think the monthly gift will be a gingerbreaqd house (and this is probably true), but some people think it'll be a den!

  5. I'm guessing the pet will be a rein deer!

  6. Gasp! If only I'd known about these screen abilities a long time ago! I take many pictures in which I wish I could hide the toolbars.

    And I never thought of it until I read the comments, but I think the gift is a gingerbread house den. That would be totally sweet! (Mind the pun.)

    Happy Feast of Thanks, everyone!


  7. I think the pet is a reindeer... i was hoping the would make miniture people as pets xD-Camden12345

  8. i think the pet is a reindeer.

  9. Oh for the F5 effect I would something funny! Check out this link and hope you respond to the buddy's request!

  10. You can also press F11 on Windows to take the toolbar and taskbar away. I'm not sure if it makes the game's viewing area larger, but it takes all the stuff at the top and bottom out of your way.

  11. It's me bubblestorm14.I know I haven't commented in a long time.But I think there will be a cabin only available in December on animal jam!

  12. Snowy can you check out mah blog the link it

    Gothpaws aj blog

    Please search it up on google

  13. chanelchanel
    Hey snowyclaw i was wondering if you can put a cow a pet or as us.

  14. Reindeer and gingerbread house den


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