Thursday, November 19, 2015

Arctic Foxes + Pet Turkeys

Hey jammers! Pretty cool update today, huh? Firstly today's new item is the Epic Antlers, a returning item from last year. Sold in Epic Wonders!
Let's get to this week's Feast of Thanks themed update, the arctic foxes are now playing wild in Jamaa!! Purchase these adorable new fluffy animals in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds as usual. 
These snowy creatures have some neat animations! Although the design is similar to a racoon, the arctic foxes of Jamaa are still a fantastic addition to Jamaa's line up of animals!
Just a side note, they're quite difficult to dress. Moving on, the Feast of Thanks festival continues and now all jammers can change colors of every item in Jamaa's shops!! Now that cheetah seems to be missing its tail...
AJ - Play Wild is out now on iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Download this pawsome app from the iPad store, Andriod release expected early December.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Pet Turkeys are here!! Purchase these cute little guys in the Diamond Shop, for 3 diamonds as usual. Check out the all-new foxes minibook in the Chamber of Knowlege!
Moving on, jammer's favorite time of the year is almost here!! The Jamaalidays are beginning very soon, be sure to log in every day during December (next month) to collect festive rewards!
Last year's gifts were wonderful, it's always such a nice time of the year. Jamaaliday preparations are already starting, keep an eye out of the Jamaaliday Jam party and pet reindeer! 
Need a hand completely the fun little quiz in the new foxes minibook? Here you go! If you'd like to find the answers to the quiz yourself, have a read of the new foxes minibook. There are tons of fun facts to learn and fantastic illustrations.
What's your favorite foxy fact? And don't forget to collect your reward, the Arctic Fox Trophy for your den. 
Happy jammings everyone! What are your thoughts on arctic foxes calling Jamaa home? Take care.

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