Thursday, November 5, 2015

Twist and Turns Adventure + Arctic Foxes Announcement

Hey jammers! We have a huge update today, firstly today's new item is the Pumpkin Planter for all jammers, sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
Let's get to this week's autumn themed update, the pawsome Twist and Turns adventure (the feature of this update) has returned for all jammers to play.

Love collecting items? There is now up to 300 item spots in our clothing inventories, a highly requested update!
As predicted, the adorable arctic fox is coming to the beautiful land of Jamaa! I must say, the design is looking absolutely amazing. An improvement to the lynxes, kudos to AJHQ's artists.
Be sure to check out the cute little 3D animation, too! There is a new den shop at the Sol Arcade selling a collection of lovely items, I guess more are to come. Also, pop by the Medical Center to learn about polar bears in the wild!
And the last Jamaa Journal page is just a little reminder about the new membership gift card bonus ~ the polar bear gear set. 
The Feast of Thanks season has arrived in Jamaa, here are the new adorable loading screens.

With new loading screens comes a new Jam-a-Gram, featuring the cheetah, seal, and penguin of Jamaa!
The Night of the Phantoms decorations are now gone, autumn is now here in Jamaa. What are you thankful for this Feast of Thanks? We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, but I love celebrating it on AJ!
What a fantastic little update this week. To wrap up this update post, over on the Daily Explorer there is a new post about the arctic foxes of Jamaa. I'm so excited for their arrival!
Happy Bonfire/Firework Night to those who are celebrating here in Britain, stay safe out there watching all those pretty firework displays! Remember, remember the fifth of November, hehe.

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