Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snowflakes, Candy Canes, Gingerbread Streamer & More

Hey jammers! A few past Jamaaliday items returning today, first up we have the Snowflake Decorations, Candy Cane Lights, and Gingerbread Streamer on sale in Jam Mart Furniture.
 Perfect for Jamaaliday den decorating! Next, classic Elf Shoes and Jingle Bell Bracelet on sale in Jam Mart Clothing. Looks like us jammers will be getting a bunch of new daily Jamaaliday gifts once again!
And lastly the Ice Garden returns in Epic Wonders den shop!
It's almost the most festive time of the year, but it appears us jammers can't adopt Pet Reindeers at this very moment in Jamaa Township. Just a silly glitch and AJHQ will have a fix soon!
Did you know that Pet Reindeers are also available at the Jamaaliday Jam party? Keep an eye out! To wrap up today's post, there is a new AJ Academy activity on the DE.
Don't forget about the Black Friday additional diamond offer this weekend only! Happy jamming everyone.

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