Thursday, November 5, 2015

Spirit Stories - Blaze #2

Hello everyone!  Hehe, here I am with the second Spirit Story!  I realize that this is on the same day as an update, and I apologize for that.  I was looking back in the archives to see if I messed up, and it seems like AJHQ didn't have an update for two Thursdays?  Hmm... We'll figure it out!

It's shorter than the first one, as I have had much going on in the past two weeks, but I will make the next one longer to make up for it.  I haven't added in characters yet; I still do not have access to the characters sent in.  I'm working on it, though ^-^  If you'd like to send in a character (you may send in more than one :p )  here is the link!

I apologize for the weird formatting.  This is copied and pasted directly from the Google Doc I wrote it on and I'm not sure how to change the font without having to go back and redo all the italics.  If anyone could tell me, that would be a big help!

Without further ado, here we go!

Hesitantly, Lis trotted up to her mother’s door.
It had only been a day since their fight, if Lis could even call it that.  She wasn’t sure how Anemone would react.  Would her mother try to pretend nothing had happened?  Would she try to explain?  Lis had put off coming until now, almost night.
Lis held the key in her mouth and lowered it to the keyhole.
Slowly, Lis swivelled around.
Standing, silhouetted on the pathway, was a panda.  With her long black braid and wooden walking stick, she seemed as old as the skies above, but her eyes were young.
Lis gasped.  “Liza!?”
“I didn’t think you would be foolish enough to ignore Khav.”
“Khav?”  Lis stood in shock, barely comprehending anything Liza was saying.
“My messenger.  That rabbit you called crazy yesterday.  And I can assure you, he’s quite sane,” Liza said, her eyes twinkling with laughter.  “As it was, I had to come find you myself.”
Lis trembled with shock.  “I’m sorry.  I- I didn’t know.”
“It’s quite alright, dear.  Actually, you’re taking it much better than the others did.”
“Others?”  Lis felt that, whatever she had to do, it couldn’t be as bad with more at her side.
Liza sighed.  “Look, all you need to know is that Jamaa is in grave danger and that you will save us.”
“And what of the others?”
“You- I- you are one of many given the honor of saving Jamaa,” Liza stuttered
“So where are they?”
Liza seemed to inwardly collapse.  “They are all gone.  None have returned.”
“But- how do you know I’m worthy?”
“Greely has foreseen it.  We don’t question him.”  Liza’s face hardened.
“Well, if he’s found so many, then tell him to find another.  He’s picked the wrong deer.”  Lis gathered all her strength and started to march past Liza.  
“He can’t.”
Lis whirled around to face her.  “Why not?”
“His magic.  His source of power.  Whatever it is, it’s gone.  He had just enough strength left to choose you.  Lis, he’s dying.”
“What?  How can an alpha die?”  asked Lis, dumbfounded.  
“Each alpha - any immortal being, for that matter - has a source of power.  They don’t usually run out, but they can be destroyed or taken.  Greely - well, I personally think it’s all of the dark magic he uses.  That’s your first mission.  To save Greely.”
Liza unsheathed a blue sword and help out it and its scabbard.
“So, what do you say?  Will you help us?”
* * *

With a slam of the door, Lis stalked into her den, mind whirling.
What am I supposed to do?  What does Liza expect of me?  What if I can’t do it?
Suddenly dizzy, Lis sank onto her bed, feeling an awful sense of deja vu.
I have to try.  
What would Liza say if I didn’t?
The alphas always seemed benevolent.  Then again, they were known to jammers only through legends.  Would Liza punish me if I didn’t comply?  Would she punish Anemone?
And I owe this to Jamaa.
With a sigh, Lis brought out the sword Liza had given her and gazed at the light playing off the surface, gleaming in the sunset.

That's all!  I'll see you in Jamaa :)

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