Sunday, November 15, 2015

Autumn Artwork Contest

Hey fellow jammers! The Feast of Thanks celebrations have started in the land of Jamaa, it's such a perfect time of the year to celebrate everything we are thankful for. In celebration of this jam-tastic tradition, we are hosting an autumn artwork contest, for all you lovers of art out there!
If you love drawing beautiful autumn leaves, trees, pumpkins, thanksgiving decorations, or anything else you can think of related to thanksgiving/autumn, this contest is perfect for you!! Please kindly follow the contest requirements below.

  • Your artwork must be child-friendly, no violence, please.
  • Your artwork must be related to autumn/thanksgiving.
  • Please submit all entries before Thursday, November 26th.
  • Remember: don't worry if you're not the best artist, always have a go. Every piece of artwork is unique! 

Submit your entries to with your AJ username ~ our favorite piece of artwork will win a rare spiked wristband and some past rare item Monday items. There will be a post up here on spirit featuring everyone's artwork, thank you so much for entering.

Please feel free to send in more than one entry if you'd like to. Happy Feast of Thanks from me (Tig) and the rest of the spirit authors!

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