Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pilgrim Hat, Chrysanthemum Flowers + Liza's Diamond Challenge

Hey jammers! I hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween yesterday! Today's new item is the Pilgrim Hat, a returning item from last year. Sold in Jam Mart Clothing! Did you know? The Pilgrim Hat was first released in November 2010, during the Thanksgiving season. 
 As the Night of the Phantoms festival slowly ends, the Feast of Thanks is just starting in Jamaa. Anywho, over on the Daily Explorer Liza (the panda alpha) is hosting a diamond challenge. 5 diamonds up for grabs!!
Maybe you jammers can share your fall snaps here on AJS? Moving on, AJHQ has uploaded a helpful how-to video about submitting jammer art! 

Before I forget, November's beautiful flower is the Chrysanthemum, sold in Treetop Gardens.
Happy jamming! x

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