Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spirit Snaps #5
Video Games!

Hello again jammers! It's Popsicle here with this week's spirit snaps!

The theme for this week is Video Games
The first ever video game was Pong, which was a basic video game where you play against the computer, hitting balls back and forth on the screen. Basic compared with the HD graphics and sophisticated physics in the games of today, but it was the latest technology back then in 1972.
The best selling game of all time is another simple game, Tetris. Over in Animal Jam, the most common game is the Claw Machine, not because it gives you plushies, but because the various den claws are collectible.

Here are the pawsome snaps which people sent in!

This week's snapshot winner is Mikestar10 with this snapshot!

As a prize for the best snapshot, I sent over a couple of rares. If you'd like to win some rares yourself, then submit your snaps for the next theme, Fire! You could win a Rare Topcoat and Rare Steampunk Googles! And even if you don't win next week's theme, you'll most likely still get your entry featured here!
To submit your entries, post them in the comments below, email the to spiritjammer@gmail.com or post the on the Animal Jam G+ Community with the hashtag #ajsfiresnap!

Please note that Spirit Snaps is a snapshot/screenshot contest, not an image edit contest. Any edited images will be disqualified.

Well, that's it for now! Play Wild!

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