Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Spirit Dens #10 - An Astronomy Lab!

Hey Jammers!

I'm sooo glad that all of that testing is done, and that I can get back to writing Spirit Dens! 

I loved seeing all of your suggestions on last week's post, and I noticed that the Jamaalidays were mentioned a lot!

Credits for this cute little photo go to Miss. Tigerly!
This is from her post last year, check it out here.

I will definitely be making a Jamaaliday den as the holiday grows closer. :) You can expect to see this on either the 12th or the 19th. I'll also be creating a New Years themed den, most likely on the 30th.
(Would you guys be interested in seeing an airplane or a hotel den?)

With the recent addition of the Sol Arcade Shop, we've gained some nifty space items! Today I'll be using these items in a nature themed astronomy lab...

Let's just jump right into it!

I'll be using the Fantasy Castle Den.

Why not the Sol Arcade?

I prefer the fact that the Fantasy Castle has a pretty little exterior to decorate, and I like the layout a lot more!

For the floors and the walls, I'll be using the Wood Floor and the Starry Walls, respectively.

Okay! So, let's start with our lovely garden.

While there isn't a ton of room, you can maximize the space by placing trees with their trunks off screen. Here's what I mean by that!

I made myself a little seating area with the new star path. Your lovely scientists can enjoy their lunch break by looking over Jamaa.

Professor Penguin is enjoying her nap.

Over here I've just placed a little gazebo as an alternative seating place!

Let's go inside!

Here's a little seating area using the Saturn Table and some star pillows! Look how comfy it is!

Using a couch, a rug, a lamp and a painting, you can create a cozy little space-y nook!
I threw in a mini zeppelin just because it's aeronautics related.

Over in the courtyard, I've just put in a telescope and some plants. This is a spacious area with no obstructions for your scientists to study Jamaa's night sky!

On the main floor, I've put in the old space console thingy, (100% accurate naming), as well as a whole host of plaques. Finish it off with some botanical accents and the new moon rock shelves!

For the final floor, I've used another console as well as some shelves to make an office for Prof. Penguin! 

The new star banner is so pretty, and it looks fantastic up on the roof! Flowers make lovely decorations, so don't be afraid to throw a few in there.

I'm afraid that this concludes our post jammers. :(

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I will be away next week, as I'll be in the Bahamas!
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