Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Giant Otter Plushie and leaving Steampunk Stove!

Hey jammers! Looks like today's new item is the Giant Otter Plushie. Or maybe it was just there for a very long time waiting for me..... I have come for you, my child!

It is sold in the diamond shop, of course, for 1 gem and has 10 different colors to choose. 

It's your last day to pick up your very own Steampunk Stove.

It actually looks like it works, but we'll never know...
And now, for a little glitch.

Waiting for other horses.... Forever.... I'm so lonely.... *cry*

Trivia Tuesday:

How many animals were released in 2015? What about pets?

(New thingy- thing! :D)

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