Thursday, January 14, 2016

Star Lamp + Lynx & Owl Topiary

Hey jammers! Today's returning item from last year is the Star Lamp - sold in Jam Mart Furniture in 10 different colors!
It appears AJHQ has been rather sneaky and brought out two new topiaries in Sarepia Forest! Why non-member you may ask? A silly item bug? If so, enjoy while you can.
I love the design of both topiaries! 400 gems isn't bad for a neat gardening den decoration, perhaps start saving up all your gems for the new items to come! Jamaa's wide range of mini- games all on x2 gems, so why not?
Say hola, bonjour, or olá to Animal Jam on their international Facebook pages. Isn't it exciting to see Animal Jam expand? 
Our beautiful land of Jamaa has got huge over the years - now over 40 million jammers have signed up, wowsers!! Happy jamming everyone.

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