Thursday, January 7, 2016

Spirit Stories: Blaze Part 2 #1

Hello everyone! Wishing you all a very happy New Year. It's 2016! Haha, it's hard to believe yet easy at the same time. I feel like ever since Thanksgiving time has been wacky. 

Anyway, now to Spirit Stories! I'm so sorry, but today will only be a partial story. Trying to balance this with homework and outside activities and such has proved extremely difficult, and so I will be sharing with you about a quarter of this week's story. Instead of waiting two weeks, I will do a special post next Thursday to finish the rest of the story. 

Without further ado, I will introduce to you this week/next week's featured characters! First, we have Ruby, sent in by Hellokitten1! You'll see a little bit of Ruby in this post. We have Shadow, sent in by myfuzzykins. She is also in this post. Finally, we have 00someone00's Ravendil! Unfortunately, Ravendil will not be introduced until next week, but I'm very excited for you to meet her!

Shadow howled as she hurled herself into the battle. Arrow after arrow she drew, each taking down an attacker.
Shadow was tackled to the ground by a black and white blur. She immediately recognized the young arctic wolf as a member of the town she was fighting for by the white flag around her neck
Grumbling, the lithe cat quickly slid out from underneath the clumsy pup. “Stop that, you fool,” she said, as the arctic wolf darted towards her again and again, continually missing. “I’m on your side!”
“Then how come I’ve never seen you before?” squeaked the arctic wolf suspiciously.
“I- I mean-” Shadow silently raged at herself. She’d never had to explain the fact that she was a wanderer. She would find battles, such as this border skirmish, and fight for the side she thought was in the right. Then she’d use her shadow travelling powers to leave before anyone could talk to her.
Shadow growled. “We don’t have time for this. We need to-”
Shadow felt a thump on the back of her head, and then everything went dark.

That's all for now!  Again, I apologize for the short length.  I'll see you in Jamaa ^-^
- Tallstar107

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