Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Contest!

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here! The New Year is just gettin' started, and with it comes the best  my favorite season -- Winter! To kick off 2016, it's time for a WINTER CONTEST!

The objective of this contest? Design your very own AJ Land!

An AJ land is one of the areas you can visit, shop, and play games in. So far, there are 9 lands, Mt. Shiveer, Sarepia Forest, Coral Canyons, Appondale, Jamaa Township, Temple of Zios, Crystal Sands, Kimbara Outback, Kani Cove, Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef, and Deep Blue.

On the Animal Jam Map, there are 4 prominent blank spaces. Two are land areas, one next to Mt. Shiveer on the top left, and one below Appondale on the bottom left. There are two more water areas, one next to Coral Canyons on the top right and one next to Kimbara Outback in the center bottom.

 Your mission is to create an original land to fill one of these blank spaces. You must draw (traditionally or digitally) what your land would look like on the map, and what it would look like while playing. You may include shops, interactive objects, and Journey Book pages to make your area the best it can be. Use writing to describe your pictures.

Now, watch as I use my terrible MS Paint skills to give you some ideas and examples!
For your map image, include the name of your land, and some of its best features!
Here are a few ideas for your land! Feel free to think of your own, and share it in the comments!
*desert themed land
*rainforest themed land
*grassland themed land
*sky themed land
*technology themed land
*art themed land
*music themed land
*winter themed land
*spring themed land
*summer themed land
*fall themed land
*pond themed land
*river themed land
*wetland themed land

These are just a few ideas! Feel free to use these, or think of your own!
The deadline for this contest is February 17th, in one month. Send your entries to by this date. The winners will be announced soon after!

See ya!

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