Friday, January 8, 2016

Snowflake Tiara + Trading System Update

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Snowflake Tiara, sold in Epic Wonders (green orb).
During yesterday's dreadful update, AJHQ made a small change to the trading system! To prevent scamming there is now a confirmation before you send your trade request.

This shouldn't have taken AJHQ so long to bring out. I'm sure AJHQ only did this in response to a parent describing how her daughter was crying when she got scammed in a video! Why does trading even exist? AJ would be a peaceful place without it.
What do you jammers think about the border color change? Over on the Daily Explorer, there are two new posts about the (in my opinion) awful Winter Palace and lovely Pet Snow Leopard retail gift card bonus.
I have seen that arctic wolf animal cut-out several times (AJHQ be more creative). No need to purchase the overpriced Winter Palace when you have the original Snow Fort Den, right? This den should be four diamonds, not seven, what a rip-off!
Anyone else sick of pets and dens? Headquarters need to produce new content ideas instead of the same. All mini-games are now on x2 gems for a limited time only! Happy jamming all.

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