Saturday, January 23, 2016

Special Delivery Letter Glitch & New Den Slots

Hey jammers! Snowyclaw here with a little post on some new items for the day. They are returning items this time around.
Cute little things, Heart Antennae Headbands. What animal do you think they look best on? We also have a returning item in the Jam Mart Furniture shop. I hope AJ makes more (and bigger) rugs in the future!

I always love the fun items this time of years brings. So many fun items to see in the Special Delivery! It is difficult, however, when your deliveries keep getting heavier, as did Lilly65714's!
Such silly glitches to find. CinnamonRed spotted this one on her scavenger und in Play Wild. Is that a Unicorn Horn with a ring?
Winning two items, the compass and horn, in one go? I'd say that's a mighty spot of good luck. Put that horn on your head and you'll never get lost again. Also, in this update we have an exciting addition...
Eight much needed spots, to go along with the four new animal spots. And finally, we have the clearance item today.

Happy jamming everyone. Hope to see you in Jamaa!

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