Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Clearenced Mechanical Dragon
& Emoticon Art!

Hey jammers! Wackywolf81 here. Apologies for the late post - I didn't have enough time to complete my post before I went off to school this morning.
Anywho, today's new item is the Drinking Fountain, which is being sold in the Back To School party for 600 gems.
Thank you to Racer18808 for telling me about this item!

Moving on, the mechanical dragon from Jam Mart Furniture will be leaving later today! Make sure to grab a few before they fly away from Jamaa!
They are quite cute, don't you agree? 

Anyways, here's a strange little glitch I ran into while switching animals.
My horse seems to be flying, and instead of it's name showing up in the little bar at the bottom, it reads "tempAvt", which I'm guessing stands for "Temporary Avatar." A little strange, but nothing that bothered me too much.

Over on the Daily Explorer, AJHQ have published the weekly "Jammer Art" post. This week's theme is "Favorite Emotes."
That ninja one is pretty cool! What do you guys think??

That's about all for today, everyone!
Happy Jamming!

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