Saturday, September 12, 2015

Returning Pillbox Hat

Hey jammers! Today the classic Pillbox Hat has returned to the lovely Jam Mart Clothing Shop. Be sure to head over to Jam Mart Furniture to grab the beautiful Lilly Rug before it departs tomorrow!
The Lilly Rug is a nice little decoration, what a shame it has to leave Jamaa. Anywho, over on the DE AJHQ have published a fun AJ Academy activity about the lynx animal!
Click here
(The animal artwork AJHQ used in the above blog image looks quite bad, to me it looks like they just stuck the lynx head cut-out on the body, that's kinda lazy).

Speaking of lynxes, what do you jammers think of Jamaa's new arrival? Personally, I think AJHQ should have chosen a different animal. The back legs of the lynx should be much bigger, and AJ's design doesn't look like a lynx, that's just my opinion. Lynxes are cute, though! We all make mistakes, AJHQ are human beings like us. 

Have a wonderful Saturday! x

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