Friday, September 4, 2015

Glitchy Rug & AJ's Birthday Cake + Party

Hey jammers! Today we have a new item added to the brand new Glitchy Gear den set. The Glitchy Rug is now available at Jam Mart Furniture for all jammers!
Moving on, the AJ Birthday Party is back!! Celebrate AJ's 5th birthday in style with items and rare alpha statues! There's even a new little clothing store in this year's birthday party which is such a surprise! Happy Birthday, AJ!! Woohoo!
You can purchase a collection of neat alpha necklaces over at the party. What a nice collection! These necklaces will probably be quite rare after AJ's birthday, so be sure to purchase your favorites before they're gone.
And like every year, there's new alpha statues! These are also pretty rare and only return at AJ's Birthday Party. Yay!!
Lynx, llama  
Owl, polar bear
I finally managed to redeem this year's birthday cake code! Other jammers are still having some problems at the moment. I hope AJHQ fixes these pesky bugs with the cake! Anywho, if you can try and enter AJBDAY5 when you login to Jamaa. The 5th Birthday Cake is so gorgeous!!
Party time!! There's some odd stuff going on over at Jam Mart Clothing. Two past RIMs have returned by mistake! If you missed out on these RIMs, hurry over to Jam Mart Clothing now!
And we have some other changes which happened in yesterday's update. You now only need two jammers to hop on the circles or whatever in Graham's Workshop! This will make it much more easier to play the new adventure! Before you needed four jammers to hop.
You can find a new feature in your settings tab too!
Today is your last day to grab your pair of Round Glasses in Jam Mart Clothing before they depart tomorrow.
To wrap up this Friday post, I'll leave you with some Jammer Snap treetop gardens from The Daily Explorer! So much pretty gardens!! Congratulations to all the jammers who were featured. Click here to read AJHQ's article.
Happy jamming everyone! x

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