Sunday, September 20, 2015

Returning Baseball Cap & Peck's Diamond Challenge

Hey jammers, sorry for posting this slightly late. Weekends can be rather busy and with school I think the other spirit authors are busy relaxing or studying. Anywho, today's returning item is the classic Baseball Cap in the lovely Jam Mart Clothing shop. 
And over on the Daily Explorer, Peck has published a new little Diamond Challenge. Make sure you research about tigers (my favorite animal) and submit a 1-2 paragraph about your findings at Jammer Central for a chance to earn 5 shiny diamonds. Good luck!!
The Sand Couch in the Sandcastle Den Set collection is departing from Jam Mart Furniture tomorrow!
Apologies for the short post, jammers. I have other things I've got to do on my schedule today - happy jamming everyone. x

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