Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rare Bowler Hat + Diamond Beanbags!

Ciao jammers! Bonsaii here! Urgh, posting after my first weeks of school. Aaaand I already wish it was summer again.  But I am excited for Halloween. I can already taste the lollipops. 
Aaanyway, today's RIM is the Rare Dragon Mask, as we saw earlier this week!
Purple and green everywhere ;-;
This rare would be 20% cooler if they changed that green button of an eye to a vivid red or black. I tend to like items with a simple color scheme more than those with complex ones. How about you guys?

UPDATE: When I posted this, the rare was the Dragon, but thanks to the comments to pointing out it's now the Rare Bowler Hat; found in Jam-Mart Clothing!

Check out this cool glitch spotted by Aspenbreeze!
get your diamond stuffed beanbags while they're hot
200 diamonds!? That beanbag must be made of... diamonds? That must be hard to sit on. 

Oh, and here's AJHQ a bit behind on schedule!
no edits what so ever was made to this image ;)
The Summer Carnival is long gone, but they're still using those silly little loading screens! I wonder if they'll switch it to a spooky Night of the Phantoms one soon! SO looking forward to Halloween.

seriously bonsaii it's more than a month away stop putting skeleton stickers all over your friends

And now, the Monday Mystery!
This week's MM was sent in by Crazycoolcats!

A lot of animals in Jamaa are seen with small round nicks/gashes in their ears. How did they get there? Were they always there or did someone give it to them? Who? Phantoms? Other animals? Are they identical on each species? Why or why not? 

See ya!
P.S. Send in your Monday Mystery ideas to! It might just be featured!
P.P.S. We're thinking of holding some contests on the AJS! Art, writing, music...? What contest do you like? Comment below on what types you want to see!

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