Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spirit Dens #4 - A Jamaasian Museum!

Hey Jammers!
Chorus2010 here with today's Spirit Dens post!
I was amazed to see how many of you voted in the Straw Poll, and I really like letting you guys pick the theme. This way, you guys get to read about something you're genuinely interested in, not just some topic that I find cool. 

With that in mind, here's this week's Straw Poll so that you may vote for next week's theme!

The winner of the Straw Poll last week was a Museum themed den!

I'll be honest, I was a little worried as to how this den would turn out, however I really enjoyed making it once I got into it. The Jamaasian history is so rich, and Animal Jam has compensated with lots of neat items which reflect the culture.  

Before we start today's den, let's take a look at some of last week's non-member den entries!

Both of these photos are of Cori13's den! I love her creativity.

This lovely non-member underwater den was submitted to me under the name Dancing Goofyroo, however I don't know the username. :( If this is you, comment down below and let me know! I'd love to give you credit for your beautiful den. 

Now, onto today's den!

A Jamaasian Museum... The possibilities are endless. Phantoms? Ancient Egypt? Archaeology? Alphas? 

What to choose?
If you saw a frantic jammer in Jamaa yelling, "Who has a cash register????", there's a good possibility that that was me. If you saw someone asking for bunny plushies and phantom items, that was probably me again. I am now the proud owner of every single AJ Birthday Party Alpha statue. 
I'm so so happy with the end result of this den, I hope you guys like it too!

To keep up with tradition, let's choose our den.
I've chosen the traditional Castle!
It's spacious with different rooms cordoned off, and a lovely garden which I'll actually be decorating today. (Shocking, right?! ^_^)

As for flooring and walls, I'm going to use the Dust Striped Walls and, surprise, surprise, the Wood Floor! I just love the Wood Floor, it goes with everything.

So, let's get started!

We'll cover the garden later, but for the entryway I've just placed two Passion Flower arches, they're so pretty! 

You'll need a place up front to purchase tickets, and of course for a gift shop! 

Using some wooden shelves, you can make a nice counter where museum visitors can line up and buy tickets, as well as plushies! Mugs and bowls can be for sale too! 

Plushies are so cuddly and fun! Make sure that there's a wide variety of them. 
Some plants and vases make for some nice decoration.

The Bronze Giraffe Statue and the Mira Statue are similar in color, and if you add a plaque that also contains those colors, they'll all match up quite nicely! Using a non-member den portal, you can make a little podium for one of these statues! Just remember to leave the username selection for it blank, so it remains solid wood. 

Moving down to the ground floor, we have an Egyptian wing.

These Egyptian items came out awhile ago, however they're still common, so it'll only take a little bit of hunting to find them!

Make sure to add a plant or two in there for that typical museum feel.

In this little hallway space, you can feature one of your favorite animals!
Clearly, I've chosen the Rabbit! I've placed in an old Bunny Banner, along with a stone Peck statue, a pet Rabbit, and a plushie! I also added in a plant with the same base color as the plushie, so it fits together. 

With Night of the Phantoms approaching, a Phantom wing makes perfect sense. Some Elegant Curtains from Epic Wonders in black creates a spooky and mysterious entryway. I have a leftover Skeleton Throne from last year, and with some caged Phantoms and Scary Fences, you can make the perfect Phantom exhibition.

The walkway up above makes the PERFECT storage area for leftover items from past exhibitions. Some barrels and crates and books are fitting for this section.

Now, for the garden!

This is the Castle pathway. I've lined it with all of the Alpha statues except for the original 6 ones.
As long as you space them nicely, they look quite cute!

Down here, I've taken the non-member portals and placed the 6 main Alphas on them. Surround them with some trees and other plants for a secluded feel. This whole outdoors makes for a lovely walking tour! 

This brings us to the end of our museum den. :(

However, here's our full den picture!

I really hope that you guys enjoyed this post... and since it's been just about a month since I started posting, I want to celebrate with a little giveaway! 

Send your museum themed dens to and I'll feature a few right here next week! My favorite will win a Mira Statue for their museum!

If your a member, I'll send it, and if you're a non-member, I'll arrange a time that I can trade it to you. 

Don't forget to vote in the Straw Poll up above!
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Thank you guys for almost 30 subscribers!!! I love you all so much.

Until next week, 

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