Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lynxes + AJ's Birthday

Hey jammers! We have a wonderful update today filled with fun new stuff in Jamaa. Firstly, today's new item is the Art Class Easel located over at the Back To School Party!
YASSS! Lynxes are now playing wild in Jamaa! Pick up a super cute lynx in the diamond shop. Yes, sadly the diamond shop. I don't mind, though! They're so adorable and I'm glad lynxes have called Jamaa home!!

It's AJ's 5th birthday! Celebrate in style over at the returning AJ Birthday Party from your party menu. Every year, AJHQ releases a special birthday cake for their birthday! This year, the 5th birthday cake redeem code doesn't seem to be working - oh dear!!
Once AJHQ have fixed their birthday cake code, one of the spirit authors or me will post about it later. Doesn't it look lush though already? I can't wait to see what it looks like! Anywho, a new den set has arrived at Jam Mart Furniture - Glitchy Gear!!
Be sure to check out the new Wild Cats exhibit at the Conversation Museum! And AJHQ have added ''thousands'' of new names for our pets! Woohoo!! I was always wondering if AJHQ would ever make any new pet names. Finally!!
Fall is coming and the kangaroos of Jamaa have decided to go traveling. You only have a limited time to become a kangaroo! I'm guessing when they returning later next year there will be a brand new kangaroo mini-book, hopefully!!
The Summer Carnival is coming to a close until next year! There's currently a 50% sale on all carnival prizes, like every year. But anywho, I'll miss the Summer Carnival, but all things come to an end don't they? It's your final chance for the carnival, jammers!
And the last page of this week's Jamaa Journal is an advertisement all about the Wild Explorer's Magazine.
That's pretty much it for this update. The only minor change is the Summer Carnival banners have changed slightly, and there's a bonus gem offer on the game Eat Em' Up in Crystal Reef! 
And over on the Daily Explorer AJHQ have published a new video featuring Cami about their 5th birthday! Can you believe AJ has been around for 5 years? Time sure goes fast when you're having fun, haha!!
Click here to read AJHQ'S article! 

Enjoy this week's wonderful update, jammers! Other spirit authors will possibly cover the returning AJ Birthday Party and new birthday cake code. It's a shame the birthday cake redeem code isn't working right now. Happy birthday, Animal Jam!!

Jam on! x

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