Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pet Elephants + Trading Update

Hey jammers! We have another wonderful update today, let's begin with the first page of the Jamaa Journal...
The adorable pet elephants are now marching through Jamaa! You can pick up your new pet from the diamond shop as usual. These new pets come with some pretty neat accessories too!
Wind armor (my favorite) has returned to the diamond shop! And over in the Chamber of Knowledge there is a new lynx minibook filled with fun facts! I love how AJHQ are bringing out more minibooks, they're so detailed.

Jamaa's trading system has received an update, now you can trade up to 20 items! This will certainly make sure jammers trade fair and avoid scamming. I think lot's of jammers wanted this update, so thank you AJHQ! I'm not a trader really, but this will be so handy for you traders out there. Happy trading! ^.^
September 22nd is World Rhino Day! To celebrate, the rhinos of Jamaa are now 50% off. That's right, you can now become a rhino for only 500 gems!!
Kangaroos are now traveling! Autumn is now here, the Night of the Phantoms celebrations are just around the corner! Yay!!
And the last Jamaa Journal page is about trading safety. Always remember to aviod scammers!
Club members can now use the llama and lynx badges!
My favorite time of the year is finally here. I love autumn so much! Jamaa always looks so pretty! ^.^ In the upcoming weeks the Night of the Phantom celebrations will begin, Jamaa's lights will dim and the decorations will go up for the annual Halloween celebrations!!
Night of the Phantom items are already returning to Jamaa's shops...
UPDATE: These items have now been removed for some reason
Jam Mart Furniture 
Jam Mart Clothing 
That's it for today's update, jammers. Happy jamming! x

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