Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's Time for a Contest!

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here! It's finally time for the annual AJS Writing Contest!


Your mission? Write an origin story for one of the AJ Alphas. An origin story is a work of writing that tells you about a person's past, and/or how they became who they are. You could publish your thoughts on what makes Greely so brooding and grumpy all the time, or what first got Tavi into music! Maybe you could write about how Amelia became an alpha, or how Liza got her signature staff! The possibilities are endless!

Click here for a list of Alphas and some background information!

 Your story can be short, long, or something in between. All styles of writing (poetry, fable, comics, etc.) will be accepted. You can submit 2 entries at most. You may collaborate with other authors. Keep in mind though, collaborating also means splitting the prize!

I know, I know, the most boring part of a contest. But please keep in mind breaking these rules may mean disqualification! 
  • All work should be original and the writers own. We will check for plagiarism! 
  • Try not to make your story too long! Please keep it under 15k!
  • Writing must be suitable for people of all ages to read and enjoy.
  •  Please try to keep your entries grammatically correct!
Woohoo! I'm super sorry for the meager selection; these contests are draining my item supply! Thank you all for your generous donations to the contest! The prize potluck is still open, and if you'd like a even bigger selection, feel free to donate! ^-^

  • Rare Spiked Wristband (Yellow)
  • Rare Bow and Arrows (Green)
  • Feathered Mask (Light blue)
  • Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets, Armor, Tail, and Helmet
  • Rare Steampunk Goggles 
  • Rare Witch Hat
  • Fox Tail Chair
  • Freedom Hat
  • Rare Scary Cat Hat
  • Rare Friendship Hat
  • Rare Unicorn Horn
  • Head Feather (Brown and Yellow)
  • Rare Friendship Moustache
  • Flower Crowns (Yellow, Pink)
  • Rare Mech. Angel Wings
  • Rare Elf Armor
  • Rare Beard (Purple)
  • Hat and Beard (Red)

1st place gets to choose 4 items first, and 2nd place gets 2 more. 3rd place gets to choose one. All of them will be featured on the blog. 

Submit your entries by emailing them to! You can either email the whole story as raw text, or you can post it on an online writing site (, and email us the link. If you wrote a comic, or drew illustrations that went along with your story, attach the image(s) to your email, or send us a link to your pictures on an online art site (, etc.). Be sure to include "AJS Writing Contest" in the subject of your email!

The deadline for your story is October 25th, 2015. Results will be posted shortly after that, on November 1st.

Have fun!

P.S. If you'd like to see a bigger selection of items, please donate some prizes to us! You can send them to AJ account shepa1. All items received will go directly to this contest's prize pool. If we get enough, 3rd place will get a prize too! (Done! Do you guys want a fourth or fifth place too? Tell me in the comments!) Thank you all so much!

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