Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Marigold, Marigold Bouquet and Medusa Mask!

Hey jammers! Today we have many (like 3, I think) new items (that is, if  I didn't get distracted and say something that isn't new was new) so let's just start by the order of how I found them, shall we?
First we have our returning Medusa Mask sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 1500 gems, with uh...........  8 colors? *non member sadness* :c

(no GIF 'cause..... *cries*)

Moving on, we have our new Marigold Bouquet sold in Treetop Gardens for 700 gems.

And saltly, our simple Marigold, so unique and majestic....

Also sold in Treetop Gardens, the Marigold costs 350 gems.

It's your last day to pick up your very own collection of crates made out of wood, with the beautiful item called Wood Crates!

It has many many utilities! You can sit on it, dance on it, throw it at your ex, kick around town, make a fort and more! For only 750 gems you have all that just for you!
hehe, fort time C:
As many of you readers may now, one of the instructions Snowy gives us authors is to make something different in the middle of our posts, normally glitches, but they can anything we like. And a few days ago, I got a question from a fellow jammer; What do I do when I get scammed? So, here are some tips:

1-Learn the trick; see how the scammer did it, watch out, avoid people that say the same things and tell others around the possible scammer to look out.
2- DON'T SCAM! Sometimes it might look like the only solution to get your items or just the rarity you had back, but it's not right! Try trading, know your rares, when someone knows their rares, trading gets easier.
3-Report the scammer if possible; Animal Jam doesn't have many workers comparing to the number of jammers, that's why they need help, and your duty is to report scammers, hackers etc.

Any tips you think I forgot? Leave them in the comments or email them to pizza4322@gmail.com and maybe I'll talk about some more tips next week.

Trivia Tuesday:

How many clicks does it take to complete the 5th anniversary cake of Animal Jam?

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