Thursday, October 8, 2015

Phantom Necklace and Play Wild Updates

Hey jammers! Today's new item for the Night of the Phantoms festival is the Phantom Necklace, a returning item from the Spooky Party. Sold in Jam Mart Clothing! 
There are some new updates to the Play Wild app! Updates include Night of the Phantoms, Phantom Fight Suit armor, new games, den shop, and much more! AJHQ made this amazing animation. . .

What a shame Animal Jam didn't get these updates, a big let down. Anywho, Animal Jam updated their social site covers to this adorable Night of the Phantoms cover! I love how the phantom is holding candy, hehe. AJHQ did a wonderful job here, as usual!!
On the Daily Explorer there is a new News Crew submission about giant pandas.
The next News Crew topic is forest environments, submit through Jammer Central with a pawsome snap! Today is your last day for the Gold Panning Pond in the Excavation Site den set collection, sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
 Happy jamming. x
PS. Click here to learn more about Animal Jam - Play Wild! 

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