Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why is Animal Jam Offline?

Hey jammers! Today's new items for the Night of the Phantoms festival are the returning classic Scary Mask and new Spooky Eyes in Jam Mart Clothing.
 In Sunken Treasures, the Scary Barrel Sponge has returned.
And in Epic Wonders we have a new item the Tarantula Throne and the classic returning Skeleton Suit. 
You may have noticed Animal Jam has been offline throughout today and yesterday, some jammers can login and others can't. Despite all the silly rumors, no crime has been committed, Animal Jam has been down for bug fixes or routine sever check ups. It's best to ignore the rumors out there, it only makes the issue worse than it is.
I think we all feel the same way as Liza, hehe. Now, if any of you experience the issue when you log in and it says your account doesn't exist ~ please don't worry! Your accounts are fine, AJHQ are just making server changes. I got on Animal Jam perfectly, so I don't know why jammers are unable to.

Here is what Clark Stacey (CEO of Animal Jam) said on social media today. . .
Those pesky phantoms, haha! Anywho, the Ancient Phantom Wall and Water Canteen are departing the wonderful Excavation Site collection in Jam Mart Furniture.
On the Daily Explorer there is a new post about Night of the Phantoms Jammer Art. 
Happy jamming everyone! Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. 

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