Friday, October 9, 2015

Scary Fence, Ibex Horns, + Animal Jam Toys Launching 2016

Hey jammers! Today's new items for the Night of the Phantoms festival are the returning classic Scary Fence in Jam Mart Furniture, in Jam Mart Clothing we have the Ibex Horns!
In the Epic Wonders clothing shop, we have the Flaming Tiara and the Nessie Mask has returned to Bahari Bargains, Jamaa's oceans.
Let's get to the main part of today's post, WildWorks has recently got a master toy partner with a toy company called Jazwares! Jazwares will develop figures, play sets, and plush toys for Animal Jam that will launch globally in 2016. Pretty interesting? 
It's so fantastic to see Animal Jam expanding into the toy industry. Will we see the Enchanted Earth toy series launch anytime soon? 2016 will be such a big year for Animal Jam! Apparently from a news article, the new toy line will add to the collection of Animal Jam merchandise, and will feature a collection of playsets filled with accessories and hidden patterns that can be used in Jamaa online. 
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How exciting? I believe we will be able to unlock the patterns on the above Enchanted Earth animals, with clothing items or den items, or something like that. Are you jammers excited for the toy range? Perhaps we will even see figures similar to below that was spotted in a Wild Explorers (a series hosted by Cami) episode. . .
Today is your last day for the Pottery Shards in Excavation Site den set, sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
 Happy jamming. x

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