Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spooky Tree, Scary Organ, and Adventure Update

Hey jammers! Tig here, today's new items for the Night of the Phantoms festival are the returning Scary Organ in Jam Mart Furniture and today's new wacky item is the Big Hair and Rollers in Jam Mart Clothing!
 Over at Epic Wonders, we have the returning classic Spooky Tree and Skeleton Suit in Bahari Bargains, Jamaa's oceans.
 Happy Night of the Phantoms! Anywho, are you interested in earning 5 diamonds? There is a new diamond challenge on the Daily Explorer all about tarantulas. 
In the latest update, AJHQ made a small change at the Adventure Base Camp! The Training Grounds is now only accessible on the adventure tab on the world map. If your animal is under level one, you will be greeted with the Training Grounds and Liza when you visit the base camp, once you've completed the intro you'll be able to access the Adventure Base Camp and other adventures!
 Over in Jam Mart Furniture,  the bee den set collection is departing in the next couple of days! National Honeybee Day has been and gone, but will return next year in Jamaa, hopefully. 
Happy jamming! x

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