Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spooky Pops, Horns, and Phantom Cannon

Hey jammers! Today's new items for the Night of the Phantoms festival are the Spooky Pops (for all jammers) in Jam Mart Furniture, perfect for Halloween parties, in Jamaa's beautiful oceans we have the returning Horns in Bahari Bargains.
In Sunken Treasures, we have the classic returning Phantom Cannon.
You may remember yesterday Animal Jam was offline throughout the day, some jammers could log in while others were unable to. This was because AJHQ is rebuilding their database! If you receive the 'username doesn't exist' message when you log in, please contact AJHQ with your username on the Daily Explorer ~ they're here to help!
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Don't you worry, no items or account information has been lost, AJHQ is just simply rebuilding their database. Some of your accounts may need to be restored manually, that means contacting AJHQ with your username. AJHQ may add extra days on your membership for the inconvenience. 

AJ's support has been wonderful handling this situation, kudos to them! Anywho, here are the latest items at the new Theater Shop. What do you think of the collection?
And time for a fun little glitch with the new game icon. . . 
Why is my bunny playing the Ocean Best Dressed game? All you need to do is play the ocean version of Best Dressed from the new game icon, although you go invisable when the game starts! 
Happy jamming.

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