Monday, October 19, 2015

Rare Monster Teeth, Spooky Rug & New Mystery Animal

Hey jammers! Silly old snowyclaw writing here with the AJS news for today. You can find our Rare Item Monday of the week (special spooky edition) on the tenth page of the Jam Mart Clothing shop.
A good color scheme for the phantom-filled Halloween season! Over in the Jam Mart Furniture shop we have another new item starting the spooky series promised by the decorations in the seasonal parties.

Is anyone getting the "phantom bacon" feel from this? I wish AJHQ would give us an official backstory for why the phantoms are what they are, and do what they do. I'm always curious...
Along the same spoopy theme, we have a little glitch submitted to us by the lovely Missy! It seems that the wallpaper and carpet have taken lives of their own, floating their way up into the starry sky...
Meanwhile, the Epic Egyptian Hat is on its way out the door – be sure to grab one in your favorite color if you were looking to be a pharaoh in this Night of the Phantoms celebration. King Tut perhaps?

You're welcome (was there a better song ever sung?)
I bring our Monday post to a close with a little mystery.

This is likely a clue for the newest animal in Jamaa (it is the most obvious change seen in Jamaa geography in quite some time). What does it mean? What will the new animal be? How did they find their way to Jamaa? How was their spirit stone recovered??

I can't wait to hear your stories!!
Happy jamming.

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