Sunday, October 25, 2015

Spooky Chair + Bone Tail

Hey jammers! Today's returning items for the Day of the Phantoms are the Spooky Chair (Jam Mart Furniture) and the popular Bone Tail (Jam Mart Clothing). 
The Steampunk Sink and Welcome Mat are the latest addition to the Steampunk Parlor den set, sold at the lovely Outback Imports shop!
 Over on the Daily Explorer Greely (the wolf alpha) has a new diamond challenge all about bats. 5 diamonds up for grabs!!
Anywho, Twister is on x2 gems! Better start saving up all your shiny gems for the new year, can you believe 2016 is just two months away? 
Today is the last day for the Honeycomb Wall Art in the honeybee den set collection, sold at Jam Mart Furniture. The Chest of Gems is also now on clearance, grab them before they're gone!
Happy jamming.
PS. Come and check out my haunted mansion den for a spooky scare! 

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