Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patched Couch & Mobile Animal Jam App

Hey jammers! Another late night and late morning for me – I'm not much of an early riser. ^.^ How was your Freedom Day / Fourth of July celebrations last night? What'd you do? What'd ya eat? 
Today's item was the Patched Couch, found along with the other patched items over in the Outback Imports den item shop. You could make quite the fun themed den for your Barn Den or the like. Meanwhile, in other news, we have pictures (posted in the comments yesterday) of an Animal Jam app prototype...

 Whoa... If Animal Jam offered an app, but you had to pay for it, would you still get it? That be the question of the day. And how much would you pay for it? Finally to wrap up, Elf Armor is leaving!
This old classic is a must by for any of you ancient gamers like me. Buy it in Jam Mart Clothing before it disappears!
Happy jamming!!

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