Sunday, November 30, 2014

Winter Snowboarding Helmet

Hey jammers! Today's Jam-tastic new item is perfect for winter snowboarding!!! The Snowboarding Helmet has returned to Jam-Mart-Furniture for this cosy winter!!! Brr, the cold weather is approaching!!! Dress your Jammer in cosy clothing to keep nice and warm! ^.^
Daily Jamaaliday gifts begin tomorrow!!! Log in everyday throughout December to recieve Jam-tastic exclusive Jamaaliday gifts!!! Some in which have never been released!!! Club Members will also recieve bonus diamonds on special days!!! Hehe... so exciting!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter Snowflake Boots

Hey jammers! It's nearly Jamaalidays and the winter accessories are arriving in Jamaa's shops!!! The Jam-tastic Snowflake Boots have returned in Shiver Shoppe!!! These cosy boots are perfect for those cold winter days! 
Get ready for those daily Jamaaliday gift!!! Log in to Jamaa everyday throughout December to collect daily Jamaaliday gifts!!! Some in which haven't been released!!! It's a huge surprise!!! Get ready... hehe... I love Jamaalidays! ^.^

Spirit Artwork #14

You are sitting in your den at a small wooden table of a blueish hue, sipping a warm drink from a small grey teacup with a bright blue stripe down the middle. You squirm in your chair uncomfortably, as if you can tell that something is going to happen... but you can't tell what. You pace around on the colorful, patterned rug, anxious. 
Suddenly, the lanterns in your den blow out. Everything becomes dark. You peer through the darkness, but your eyes see only blackness. You hear swift, but clumsy pawsteps, a crash, and then it's gone. You meticulously light the lanterns again, to be greeted by quite the mess. Your tea has been spilled, your table overturned, your rug wrinkled. Strange papers are strewn and scattered all around the floor...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Spirit Sentiment #12 - Being Thankful

warning: i'm very angry
Happy Thanksgiving, Jammers!

I'm sure you all spent time with family and had a huge feast, or maybe you did something small.

Hopefully, you thought about what you were thankful for (since people have been badgering you about it for the past few days).

i drew this

Winter Topcoat

Hey jammers! Brr! Winter isn't in full swing just yet, but Jamaa is preparing for the big freeze!!! Today's new item is the Topcoat, available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! This cosy coat is perfect for the freezing cold winter weather!!! 
Sorry for the super-quick post, I have a busy schedule today! Hopefully I can post a more detailed post post tomorrow or Sunday. See you in Jamaa! Get ready for those daily Jamaaliday gifts from December 1st... hehe... I can't wait! ^.^

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fruit Bowl

Hey jammers! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a Jam-tastic day celebrating all the things you are thankful for!!! Today's new item is the Fruit Bowl, available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! This fruit bowl is perfect for a Feast of Thanks celebration dinner! Yummy!!! ^.^
Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Jammers! How are you celebrating Thanksgivings??? Over on the Daily Explorer, there's phantom turkey art!!! That's right, phantom turkey art!!! Phantom turkeys have invaded Jamaa!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ice Garden and Furry Hats

Hey Jammers!

Sorry for this random, unsaid hiatus. I'll be posting for today.

Yesterday, the Ice Garden returned to Epic Wonders for the upcoming winter fest!

Perfect addition for your winter den.

Also, be aware that Furry Hats have come back to the shop in the Hot Cocoa Hut. However, there is no glitched raspberry color, obviously.

Reminds me of this Jammer I saw today who kept saying that she had all the colors and that they were "super beta". They're not beta.

The Daily Explorer also posted Jammers' phantom turkey art! Click the picture to see the post.

Congrats to the winners!! 

Again, sorry for the missed posts. Authors are busy!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Rare Turkey Hat

Ello jammers! Today's fall-themed rare is the Rare Turkey Hat, on the 5th page of Jam Mart Clothing and YES it's non-member!!! *confetti party*
Is it just me, or does it remind you a little bit of the freedom turkey hat? Heh never mind about that, this pretty cool rare is here to warm up your poor frozen furry heads! (Tell the chilling winds that they're a little early, winter isn't in full swing yet)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Fall Leaf Rug and Mop And Bucket

Hey jammers! Fall is officially here and Jamaa's shops are having Jam-tastic new fall arrivals!!! The Maple Leaf Rug is now available in a variety of different colours, I really like this item, it's perfect for Autumn! You can also now purshase the new Mop And Bucket in Jam-Mart-Furniture! Better keep your den sparkling!!! ^.^
I love all these seasonal items arriving in Jamaa!!! Decorate your den with orange and brown colours for the season of fall! It's nearly Thanksgiving! During this month Jammers all over Jamaa are celebrating the things they are thankful for! How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving??? 

Don't forget all gloves in Jamaa are on 50% off sale! Be sure to head to Jam-Mart-Clothing to see the all new glove colours!!! There's different gloves all over Jamaa's shops!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Vegetable Basket

Hey jammers! Sorry for the slightly late post today, very busy day for me! Feast of Thanks has for sure arrived in Jamaa!!! The Vegetable Basket is now available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! You can hold a Feast of Thanks celebration in your den!!! ^.^  
These items look so fancy! Look out for more fall items in Jamaa's shops throughout this month. Try your luck at Pill Bugs (Inside Sarepia Forest) for double gems!!! Keep saving up your gems for fall den items!!! Don't forget Winter is here!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Polar Bears & Feast of Thanks

Hey jammers! A huge Jam-tastic update today!!! Firstly today's new item is the Fruit Basket, available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! Oh my Mira feathers, another amazing item has come to Jamaa! Yum yum, all that delicious fruit looks tasty! ^.^
It's the moment we've been waiting for, Polar bears are here!!! Yay. The Polar bears are ready to explore Jamaa's lands and oceans! Polar bears have arrived just in time for Winter!!! Aww, they are so cute! Become a Polar bear today at the diamond shop! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wood Burning Stove

Hey jammers! Oh my Mira feathers, another amazing item has come to Jamaa!!! The Wood Burning Stone is now available in Jam-Mart-Furniture in a variety of different colours! I love all these cosy items! Be sure to create a cosy and warm den for Winter! ^.^
Drum roll please... wait for it... POLAR BEARS ARE HERE TOMORROW!!! Whoa! I'm so excited for the awesome Polar bears to arrive in Jamaa! These cute animals are perfect for Winter! Polar bears are so cute and cuddly!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Umbrella Holder

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Umbrella Holder, available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! I'm a huge fan of everything nature so this item is just perfect for me!!! The Umbrella Holder looks Jam-tastic in your den with other seasonal fall items!
It's Tuesday and that means AJHQ has published a new Creature Feature!!! This week's theme is all about bird migration. Want to learn some cool facts about bird migration??? Watch Brady Barr talking about bird migration in the cool video below! 

Animal Jam Is Offline


Hey jammers! Looks like AJHQ are updating Jamaa behind the scenes therefore today's daily post will be later than usual. Maybe they're preparing for the arrival of the Polar bears or fixing some bugs! Those peaky phantoms are up to something once again!!! ^.^
We'll let you know once AJHQ is back online! While you wait for Animal Jam to come online you can read today's Daily Explorer post all about birds!!! Did you know you can use cool emotes when commenting on the Daily Explorer???
See you soon!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Rare Salamander Gills

Ciao, jammers! Cute's busy ATM, but today's Rare Item Monday shall be known!
The Rare Salamander Gills are on the 2nd page of Bahari Bargains! They took forever to find! Evil purple blue yellow thingy mabobber. >:U
It's a pretty weird rare monday, though. I believe it goes on the side of your face, but I am non-member and have no way of knowing.  I wonder if there will be a preview button for clothing and furniture? It'd be helpful.

In other news, glitches!
Op, the Pillow Room's flooded in Invisible Ink again. Pool party, anyone?
On second thought the ink might poison us or something so how 'bout no
Thanks to tic tac toe tick tock for sending this in!

And now, the Monday Mystery!
In Sarepia Forest's Flag Shop, an interesting item can be seen. Really, the whole flag shop is an interesting thing! There is a globe that depicts a world like ours, with familiar continents like Africa and Asia on it. The flags in the flag shop go with countries from our world as well! The Jamaa and Phantom flags are sold here too. Does this mean Jamaa is part of our own world? If so, where would it be located for us humans to have not tainted with our evil hands? Perhaps humans have discovered it already?! But keep in mind the other option! Jamaa could be its own planet! What do you think, and why?

A presto!

Bonus Question: What's the capital of Brazil?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wood Coat Hanger & Turkey Hat

Hey jammers! Fall is here and the traditional Turkey Hat is now available in Jam-Mart-Furniture! I love fall, all around Jamaa is filled with orange and brown colours! The Wood Coat Hanger is also available in Jam-Mart-Furniture. Have fun shopping!
These are Jam-tastic fall items! Thanksgiving is coming up!!! What are your plans for Thanksgiving in Jamaa? I'm sure AJHQ will make a den or adventure for all to show kindness. Hmm, that Turkey Hat is a great item for Thanksgiving! ^.^

Friday, November 14, 2014

Spirit Sentiment #11 - The Non-Member Controversy

Hey fellow Jammers!

Also, school was cancelled because of snow, so I'm doing the whole sentiment in one day! Yay procrastination.

Anyway, I've been hearing you guys and other Jammers talk about the difference between Members and Non-Members and especially how Non-Members are being treated.

But first: I know several people will say "buT feLERS yOU usEd to bEh a MeMBE" or "wHy diD u JusTR nOW talK abOuT tHIs???!1"

Salon Rug & Shelf

Hey jammers! Akachip8967 here! Today's new items are the Salon Rug and Salon Shelf, both available in Jam-Mart-Furniture with a variety of different colours! Plenty of different salon den items from the Salon Den Set to choice from!
Although we're excited about the Salon Den Set arriving in Jamaa, we say au revoir to the Ice Cream Den Set! The Ice Cream Parlor Table is leaving departing from Jamaa tomorrow. Aww, I'm going to miss this den set!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Spirit Snaps
Green and Pink ♥

Please oh please send in your Spirit Snaps to!
The noon is rising, and now comes the time. Now comes the time to share the laughter, the happiness, and the joy we come across in our travels in Jamaa. Now is the time for memories frozen in time. Now is the time for Spirit Snaps.

Wow! Look at all these people! lnfinityhorse teamed up with many other people to stop scamming! Be a Jammer, not a scammer! What a catchy slogan! 

Next, we have one small bunny making a giant difference.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wolves in Salon Chairs

Ciao, jammers! Seems like the authors are busy as bees again! Quick post before I go, new item's is at the Jam-Mart Furniture shop, the Salon Waiting Room Chair!
I wonder if we'll have another poll again sometime soon? Hope it's not a hard decision!
But then again, AJHQ will just release them all anyway.

New post on the DE! Check out the awesome Wolf Art here! 

That's all for now! New AJS News: Video Updates will be on Saturdays. ^_^


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Salon Mags and Walls of Stone

Ciao, jammers! Seems like today's author isn't available, so I'll just do a quick post today! Sorry for the lateness, I was at a Veteran's Day Parade! I couldn't check the blog! >.<

Monday, November 10, 2014

Rare Knitted Sweater

Heya jammers!! Today's fuzzy blue item is the Rare Knitted Sweater, on the 9th page of Jam Mart Clothing
Hmm as the weather get's chilly, you are going to need one of these in Jamaa! Aaaand as the seasons change in Jamaa, so does this blog's theme! What's the verdict of the autumn-y coloured blog? ^_^ Comment your thoughts!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Twists and Turns Adventure Guide!

If you'd like to send pictures of prizes in, please do! We're at Remember to specify which chest it came from and cite your sources!
The same goes for videos on keys and chests!

Hey jammers! Bonsaii here! Welcome to the new guide of the adventure: Twists and Turns!
 Twists has a new adventure style. You are warped into a giant cornfield maze with a bunch of people. Then, you find the center!

How to Complete the Adventure
Full video guides for the Treasure Chests, and the Keys are coming soon! Please be patient!

Salon Reception Desk & Fall Art Contest!

Hey jammers! Yay, it's Sunday! Today's new item is the Salon Reception Desk, available in Jam-Mart-Furniture for 500 Gems! Another den item added to the salon den set collection! Oh these den sets are a pawsome idea!
What has been your favourite den set so far? Fall has officially arrived in Jamaa. The season has changed and Jamaa is filled with brown and orange colours! Jammers are creating lovely pieces of artwork which you can view in Jammer Central!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pilgrim Hat & Movember

Hey jammers! Happy Saturday. Akachip8967 here! Today's returning item is the Pilgrim Hat, available in Jam-Mart-Clothing for 300 Gems! Where in Jamaa will you travel to wearing the pilgrim hat? Quite a funny hat, hehe!
What are your thoughts on the new adventure, Twist and Turns? It's an exciting seasonal adventure! If you've been rewarded all the adventure prizes please send a picture of all your Twist and Turns rewards from your inventory to or Hopefully I can post a prize guide tomorrow!

Spirit Artwork #13

You are frolicking about the tall, red slabs of stone that jut towards the sky in protest of their earthly bounds. A nice, warm thermal on which you glide effortlessly carries you to Royal Ridge. The pungent scent of straw and old, familiar wood greet you as you enter the shop. You land, folding your wings neatly and shifting your feet to get a better grip on your perch. You decide to take to the shelves, examining the plethora of merchandise. Your feather tips brush over stained glass windows and lamps so beautifully crafted, they seem to come from a different time. You eventually come across an exquisite box, covered with the most divine, iridescent shards of glass. As you turn the box over thoughtfully in your talons, you find an ornate silver clasp, which, after a bit of prying, opens with a small click. Inside are only a few pieces of yellowed paper... 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Salon Products + Spoiler Alert

Hey jammers! What do you think of the new hair salon den set? If you love the new set you'll be happy to hear today's new item is the Salon Product table! Complete with hair salon accessories & available in a range of colours!
  Look out for more salon items in Jamaa's shops! What did you think of Night of the Phantoms? Aww, I'm going to miss the spooky decorations around Jamaa! Night of the Phantoms will be back next year, yay! Don't forget all Night of the Phantoms items & accessories are on special sale!

Spirit Sentiment #10 - Items, Items, and More Items

Hey there Jammers!

Trading is the most common activity that occurs in Jamaa on a daily basis. You can try getting that "special" item that you want. Plus, it's addicting. We always get that thrill of having a new item or new items, wearing them, and seeing what we can get for those new items. 

However, this has become the most popular activity in Jamaa. It's ALL anyone ever talks about.

 I'll be covering some items and such in this sentiment.

Fab Hair Day

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here, posting for Snowy. Today's new items are all at Jam-Mart Furniture!

Wow! That's some wigs! Now I can finally cosplay as Hatsune Miku! Except I can't figure out how to take the wig off the shelf. And then there's restyling it...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sky Kingdom & Pet Lions!

Hey jammers! There's an exciting update today, full of all kinds of different new features! Night of the Phantoms has left Jamaa, the decorations have now been taken down! It's now fall again in Jamaa. Yay! I love fall! 
Awww, I'll miss Night of the Phantoms! Anywho, a new Den is here! Introducing the brand new Sky Kingdom den, available in the Diamond Shop! This den is Jamaa's biggest den yet! It's filled with lots of places to explore!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Flaming Hats + Noms

Ciao, jammers! Today's item is the Cornucopia! It's a non-member item (that can change colors), for only 400 gems~!
Quick! Nom the grapes before I do! >:3

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall Wreath + String Of Leaves

Hey jammers! Sorry for the late post, Akachip8967 here covering for today's author! As Night of the Phantoms draws to a close, fall will soon arrive in Jamaa. Today's new items are especially ready for the fall celebrations starting soon!

Grab these two fall den items in Jam-Mart-Furniture today! Remember to get your den ready for fall by decorating it with orange, green & brown colours! Fall has officially started! Yay!