Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spirit Dens #4 - A Jamaasian Museum!

Hey Jammers!
Chorus2010 here with today's Spirit Dens post!
I was amazed to see how many of you voted in the Straw Poll, and I really like letting you guys pick the theme. This way, you guys get to read about something you're genuinely interested in, not just some topic that I find cool. 

With that in mind, here's this week's Straw Poll so that you may vote for next week's theme!

The winner of the Straw Poll last week was a Museum themed den!

Furry Hat and Autumn Art

Hey jammers! Tig here once again posting for today's spirit author. Today's new item is the Furry Hat, a returning item from last winter. Sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut!
Like yesterday, why are AJHQ bringing back winter items in autumn? Speaking of autumn, on the Daily Explorer there is a new Jammer Art post featuring animals in leaves.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Returning Topcoat

Hey jammers! Tig here posting a quick post for today's spirit author. Today's new item is the Topcoat, a returning item from last winter. Again, why are AJHQ bringing back winter items in autumn?
But hey, better get ready and prepare for the winter season in Jamaa. On the Daily Explorer there is another Ask Brady post about snake species!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Today's Rare Is....?

Click here to enter AJS's first annual writing contest!

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here! Today's item is the....

Nothing? I can't seem to find this week's Rare Item Monday anywhere! It's either up on the Royal Ridge (non-members can't reach that one), or AJHQ has forgotten an item! If I missed the Rare Item Monday in an obvious shop, please tell me in the comments below!

Sorry for the short post! I'll see ya later!

Don't forget to enter the contest! You all have wonderful writing skills!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Returning Woven Hat & Tavie's Diamond Challenge

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Woven Hat, a returning item from last year. Sold at Jam Mart Clothing! Firstly AJHQ begins to release Night of the Phantoms favorites, then they start returning random items. I just don't know these days!
Anywho, on the Daily Explorer Tavie (the Alpha of the Dolphins) has published a Diamond Challenge. 5 diamonds up for grabs! Click here to learn how to submit your alpha stories, good luck.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

It's Time for a Contest!

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here! It's finally time for the annual AJS Writing Contest!


Scary Balloons, Ghost Window, Spooky Lights, + more!

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Hula Skirt, a returning item from last year. Sold at Jam Mart Clothing!
A bunch of returning and new Night of the Phantoms items are now on sale, just in time for the celebrations. Sold at Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing!

Over in Jam Mart Furniture...
Over in Jam Mart Clothing

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tiki Umbrella Table & Wild Explorers

Update: Check Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture for new/returning Night of the Phantoms items!

Hey jammers, today's returning item is the Tiki Umbrella Table located in Jam Mart Furniture! As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the tiki collection to me is summer related. 
Anywho, the latest episode of Wild Explorers featuring Cami is out! This episode is all about wild cats. Watch the latest episode to learn 10 fun facts about wild cats, featuring Jamaa's latest arrival the lynx!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Returning Tiki Chair

Night of the Phantoms update next week!!
Hey jammers, today's returning item is the Tiki Chair located in the lovely Jam Mart Furniture Shop for all jammers. The Tiki Chair to me is a summer related item, so I don't know why AJHQ thought about returning the tiki collection.
I would prefer some new fall items rather than returning summer items, how about you? Anywho, while exploring Jamaa yesterday I noticed a small glitch on our emote tab...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spirit Dens #3 - A Lovely Non-Member Den!

Hey Jammers!
Chorus2010 back again for another edition of Spirit Dens!

This week's theme is non-member. I'm so happy you guys liked last week's den, and I loved all of your suggestions in the comments! As for next weeks den, I've set up a Straw Poll so you guys can vote on the theme! It'll end Friday, September 25th.

Anywho, let's take a look at some dens sent in by AJS fans regarding last week's theme, a home den!

Grumpy Cat and Following Adventure

Hey jammers!  Tallstar here with today's new post!

AJHQ seems to have forgotten the new item!  Oh dear.  It appears that my dear friend has a word or two to say about that.

I quite agree, Gumpy.  Quite.

Ah well, they must be pretty busy.  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New Baseball Cleats and new Tiki Table!

Hey jammers! Today we have two new items, first we have our Baseball Cleats, sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 400 gems with a total of 8 colors.

And our next new item is the returning Tiki Table, with only 3 variations and sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems

The number of variations for this item is really disappointing....

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rare Bowler Hat + Diamond Beanbags!

Ciao jammers! Bonsaii here! Urgh, posting after my first weeks of school. Aaaand I already wish it was summer again.  But I am excited for Halloween. I can already taste the lollipops. 
Aaanyway, today's RIM is the Rare Dragon Mask, as we saw earlier this week!
Purple and green everywhere ;-;
This rare would be 20% cooler if they changed that green button of an eye to a vivid red or black. I tend to like items with a simple color scheme more than those with complex ones. How about you guys?

UPDATE: When I posted this, the rare was the Dragon, but thanks to the comments to pointing out it's now the Rare Bowler Hat; found in Jam-Mart Clothing!

Returning Baseball Cap & Peck's Diamond Challenge

Hey jammers, sorry for posting this slightly late. Weekends can be rather busy and with school I think the other spirit authors are busy relaxing or studying. Anywho, today's returning item is the classic Baseball Cap in the lovely Jam Mart Clothing shop. 
And over on the Daily Explorer, Peck has published a new little Diamond Challenge. Make sure you research about tigers (my favorite animal) and submit a 1-2 paragraph about your findings at Jammer Central for a chance to earn 5 shiny diamonds. Good luck!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ten Gallon Cowboy Hat + Early RIM

Hey jammers, it's me again, hehe! Today's returning item is the goofy Ten Gallon Hat on sale at the lovely Jam Mart Clothing shop. 
Moving on, it looks like AJHQ has slipped up again and released this Monday's RIM early over at Jam Mart Clothing...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Shell Armor & Closer Look At Pet Elephants

Click here for yesterday's update post

Hey jammers, Tigerlypaws here! Today's returning item is the Shell Armor and Helmet at Bahari Bargains!
Yesterday pet elephants came marching through Jamaa! Here's a closer look at their adorable little animations. How cute are they??

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pet Elephants + Trading Update

Hey jammers! We have another wonderful update today, let's begin with the first page of the Jamaa Journal...
The adorable pet elephants are now marching through Jamaa! You can pick up your new pet from the diamond shop as usual. These new pets come with some pretty neat accessories too!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Spirit Dens #2 - There's No Place Like Home

Hey Jammers!
Chorus2010 here for another Spirit Dens post! I'm so glad that you guys enjoyed the last one, it made my face light up to read all of those kind comments.

I've got a special little announcement at the end of the post, so please read all of the way through!

Before I start with this week's post, let's take a look at the winner of the Back-To-School Contest, and some other pawsome school dens!

Without further ado, our winner is the lovely NeonPlutonium!

Golden Pirate Sword Retuns
& Clearanced Rainbow Armor!

Hey everyone! Wackywolf81 here. My post was a little late today - sorry about that! 
Annyywayy, today's item is the Golden Pirate sword. It has returned and is being sold, once again, in Epic Wonders.
So.. expensive.. ;-;

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

New Glass Shelves and leaving Bicycle!

Hey jammers! Today we have an awesome and groovy new item, the Glass Shelves, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 350 with a total of 9 colors.

The way they put the colors on this item, makes it look elegant AND creative at the same time! This item certainly deserves the "Creativity Approved Awarding". Here it is, for you, Glass Shelves! *cheers*

*cheers, cheers, cheers* (person in the distance: GO SPONGE BOB!)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rare Panda Hat + Graham's Adventure Update!

Ciao, Jammers! Today's RIM is the Rare Panda Hat which can be found on the second page of the Conservation Museum Shop!

Eeeep! That item gave me a spook when I first looked at it. Those cold, green eyes that stare into your soul. Ugugh

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tie-Dye Shirt Returns

Hey jammers! Today the colorful Tie-Dye Shirt has returned to Jam Mart Clothing, while over at Jam Mart Furniture the Tulip Patch is departing tomorrow! 
And AJHQ have published a sparkling new Diamond Challenge over on the DE!! If you want a chance to earn 5 diamonds, be sure to submit a 1-2 paragraph at Jammer Central about elephants!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Returning Pillbox Hat

Hey jammers! Today the classic Pillbox Hat has returned to the lovely Jam Mart Clothing Shop. Be sure to head over to Jam Mart Furniture to grab the beautiful Lilly Rug before it departs tomorrow!
The Lilly Rug is a nice little decoration, what a shame it has to leave Jamaa. Anywho, over on the DE AJHQ have published a fun AJ Academy activity about the lynx animal!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Leaf Pile & Leaving Wheelbarrow Planter

Hey jammers! Today we have a returning item for everyone over at Jam Mart Furniture, the Leaf Pile is perfect for decorating your fall dens! Be sure to also head over to Treetop Gardens located in Sarapia Forest to purchase the Wheelbarrow Planter (my favorite item!) before it departs from Jamaa tomorrow.
The Wheelbarrow Planter is such a neat item, but I assume AJHQ will be adding more fall related items from now on! Anywho, over on the Wild Explorers YouTube channel a new episode has been released all about making your own watercolors!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Maple Leaf Rug

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Maple Leaf Rug at Jam Mart Furniture, the perfect fall decoration for your dens! Be sure to also head over to Treetop Gardens located in Sarepia Forest to purchase the Leaf Fan before it departs tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Spirit Dens #1 – Decorating a Back-to-School Den

Hey Jammers! 
I'm Chorus2010, and I'm excited to be kicking off this new segment entitled Spirit Dens! Here you'll be able to get ideas for your own dens, as well as see dens made by other readers that I'll feature.
I've been a fan of AJS since the very start, so I'm thrilled to be part of the team. I'll place a little "About Chorus" section at the bottom of the post, so be sure to check it out! Spirit Dens will be posted every Wednesday at 2:00 PM AJS time. In the comments below, tell me what kind of themed den you'd like me to put together next!
(Oh dear I've used a lot of exclamation marks.)

Now that I've said all that, let's get started!

New Glitchy Speakers!

Ciao, jammers! Bonsaii here! The new item are the Glitchy Speakers, found in Jam-Mart Furniture for only 500 gems!

I LOVE this item. Not many furniture items I love at first sight, but this is definitely one of them. That flawless animation, the awesome colors... woah. Good on you, AJHQ.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Glitchy Wall Clock and Leaving Grass Chair

(friday, june 17, 2010)

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Glitchy Wall clock, sold in Jam Mart Furniture for 550 gems, with a normal total of 8 colors.
After having to look at this item a lot in stores, it just feels very weird to look at the GIF, since it's not animated like the real item and like all the other ones......

Monday, September 7, 2015

Rare Alpha Tavi Charm Necklace – Hidden RIM

Hey jammers! Apologies for such a late Rare Item Monday post – Animal Jam was being really sneaky about it today (and I was being silly for assuming it to be in the Birthday Party).
It's interesting AJHQ has all the mainstream alphas, the ones with stories, featured in the little charm necklace store. Definitely a neat little idea! You can buy a Rare Tavie Charm Necklace at the Bahari Bargains shop! In other news we have a neat new glitchy item...

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Glitchy Portrait

Hey jammers! Today we have another item added to the glitchy gear den set collection, it is the Glitchy Portrait. While you're heading to Jam Mart Furniture, be sure to purchase the Vine Flower Lamp before it departs tomorrow!
And over on The Daily Explorer AJHQ have published a new Diamond Challenge all about the importance of wild cats conservation, in honor of the lynx arrival!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Spirit Artwork #33

You awake in on a soft bed of... cake. The air is warm. Deciding to explore your mysterious surroundings, you force yourself into a standing position, though the humid air chokes your lungs and the heat makes your movements sluggish. You drag yourself over the soft ground to the edge of the sweet-smelling land to get a better view. You see what seems to be a sunset in the far distance. Though the view is calming, the air here is hotter than ever, and as a hot blast hits your face you begin to worry for your safety. A rush of adrenaline fuels your mad dash down the cake-mountain. If you had stayed any longer you might have been cooked in a giant oven.