Thursday, October 27, 2011

Additions to Jamaa

Hey jammers! Tons of new stuff around Jamaa, new animals, dens and more! Here are just a few of the fun new things you can find. There is a new ocean land, Koni Cove, complete with a underwater furniture shop called Sunken Treasures. 
With the new ocean land comes new pages in the Journey Book! Here is a picture of the new page and prize. I'll be posting a guide to the Kani Cove journey later on.
There are now turtles in Jamaa! They are member only sadly. Another member plus is there are four more animal slots, more room for more characters!
 Although there are no new den slots there is a Sunken Den (for members only again, while only ocean animals can visit it).
Plus members are now able to buy den music! Get them while prices are low, and don't forget the Old Bones music which in now on clearance!
 Plus there is much more to come in Jamaa! One is November gift, coming soon. The Bubble Tron 5000!
Again, AJHQ is promising members more ways to become a lion, but no hints on how or when. Here is the article from the Jamaa Journal.
But now there is the promise of two new pets coming in the next update! What do you think they will be?
For more news and hints be sure to read the Jamaa Journal and the Jamaa Central board (which has been updated with a new calendar and more artwork).
And don't forget, Sky High is now double gems! Have fun earning for all the great clearance items!
Meanwhile, thank you jammers who have sent me gifts! I feel very appreciated. :) I will mention you by name when I'm able to find the time. And for those who have sent friend requests, please instead send them to snowyclaw1, my main storage account. Thanks! See you in Jamaa.

Congrats on finding the party info! ^.^
Date - October 29th
Time - 11am AJS time
Place - snowyclaw's den
Server - any!
Bring - you best costume
 Here are the fabulous helpers, you can still sign up!
Organizers -  Snowyclaw, Sheesh4
Helpers - Oranoo, Quavine, Sallefy, flora4569
Thanks! I hope to see you there!

New (and Old) Items

 Hey jammers! Be sure to get all the Halloween items before they leave, to make sure you have them all go to the AJ Items mini blog to see the list. Lot's of new items as well!
In the Jam Mart Clothing...
In the Jam Mart Furniture...
In the Appondale Animal Museum...
Nothing new in the Hot Cocoa Hut. In the Flag Shop of Sarepia...
In the Chamber of Knowledge...
In Bahari Bargains...
And in the new Sunken Treasures of Kani Cove...
Enjoy all these amazing new (and old) items in Jamaa. Be sure to get the clearance ones before they are gone forever (until next year)! My next post will be about all the new things that have come with this update. See you in Jamaa!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Next Animal Poll

Hey jammers! The results are in; the falcon is voted to be the next animal in Jamaa (after the turtle of course). Maybe AJHQ could create a treetops land with different types of birds and different regions such as a rainforest, canyons, and more!
Have more ideas for Animal Jam? Just comment and I can send some letters to AJHQ, then share their feedback on the blog. The AJS party will most likely be announced Thursday, so be sure to check back then for the big Phantom Party times!

If you'd like to volunteer to be a party organizer or party helper be sure to say in the comments. Organizers will help with party games, one of which is a costume contest, can you think of any more? Helpers will make sure the party stays under control and the rude jammers don't ruin the time.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

AJS Phantom Party

The party is over but it was a ton of fun! We even had a costume contest. See a few pictures on the Jamaa Spirit Club mini blog. If you missed it, it's alright! There will be another Saturday or Sunday next week, which one do you like? See you in Jamaa!

Hey jammers! I'm finally organizing a party! This is like, say, a practice party for the next one closer to the Day of the Phantoms. I hope it will be fun! Here are the details:
Date ~ October 23
Time ~ 2:00pm AJS
Place ~ snowyclaw's den
Server ~ Desna
Come in costume! We may have contests if we have enough guests and volunteers.
If you'd like to help out at the party you can sign up to be a...
Planner (contributes ideas)
Advertiser (spread the word)
Welcomer (welcomes to the party)
Helper (helps answer guests' questions)
Organizer (organizes contests and games)
Please help if you can, and if not, stop by for a visit! We may travel around Jamaa, who knows. If you'd like to volunteer please comment with your favored position, I will choose final positions though! Hopefully I will make the party, if not the top organizer will take over!
Plus there are more parties to be found on the Spirit Club page, go and check them out! You can submit your party time to my email or through comments on the Spirit Club mini blog. Meanwhile, don't forget to take a look at the AJHQ responses in the lower post! See you in Jamaa.

AJHQ Feedback

Hey jammers! I've gotten a bit of feedback on questions sent to AJHQ. The first one is about the server glitch going on around Jamaa. It turned out to be a bit of a boxed email.
Click for full size.
 I had also sent my own message to them about the lack of clearance items currently. I was wondering if they were still doing these symbols. Good news though!
Click for full size.
I hope this helps a bit. Do you have and questions or ideas for AJ Headquarters? Comment here and I can send a mass email to them, I'm sure they'd appreciate it! See you in Jamaa.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Gift Cards and More

Hey jammers! Lot's of little things around Jamaa that I'm mentioning. First is the codes, treat (100 gems), phantoms (500 gems), and feast (500 gems). Next up is the winning of the ocean pet poll - the Seahorse! It is a very fun (and likely) choice for the oceans' first pet, and we already know what it'll probably look like!
It won't come for another couple updates, but that's alright! Next poll will be about future creatures in Jamaa, ocean and otherwise. There will be no turtle vote, because the turtle is the next creature

I'm am also going to send a letter to AJ HQ for a ideas about the future of Jamaa. Comment with your best ideas and I'll send them in a mass email! Thanks jammers!

And finally, the Gift Cards! As many know the gift cards are now in Jamaa, here is a picture of one of my buddy's lion:
The lion doesn't have to be named "King of the Jungle" but many leave it at that. This is how it works - you go to the store, you buy a gift card, you type in the code from the back onto the AJ website, choose a gift option, and presto! You now have a lion. There may be more ways to get a lion, later on. Read the article in the Jamaa Journal:
Here are some more details about the lion... You can get to this page of AJ's main page (click picture for full size).
And as you can see, there is a store locator to find the nearest store that sells the gift cards. To find the stores that sell nearest you click here. I hope that clears up those card rumors! If you have more questions or ideas for the AJ HQ letter please comment! See you in Jamaa.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Candy Posts

Hey jammers. First thing is that there are more new codes! One is treat, it gives 100 gems, and the other is feast, which gives 1000 gems! Use them before their gone (feast is not be activated yet, I get my magazine early)! Next up, due to requests, I'm posting all the candy locations. I hope they help!

These first two are from Jamaa Township, the apple you can find near the hospital, while the square candies you can find near Lisa's bamboo path.
 The candy bar can be found near the Appondale cave, while the popcorn ball is near the Mt. Shiveer walled off cave.
 You can get colorful peppermints outside of the Sarepia theatre, and phantom canes outside Peck's art room.
 There is candy corn outside the juice hut in Crystal Sands, and lollipops near the trivia building in the Temple of Zios.
Hope these help, don't forget the codes, and see you in Jamaa!