Spirit Authors

The Spirit Authors are the wonderful individuals who make this blog possible! Back in the day (or I guess I should say many many days...) I wrote every post myself. The increase in schoolwork, increased need for updates, daily item additions, and the growing AJS community required me to call out for help, and these amazing jammer answered!

Go by and visit their personal pages and see what they're all about! Many are up for answering any questions you may have.

Daily Posts

BonsaiiSpirits (Monday)
isa4322 aj (Tuesday)
WackyWolf81 (Wednesday)
TigerlyPaws (Thursday)
Tallstar (alternate)

Themed Posts

Bonsai (Rarity Ratings)
PopsicleGT (Spirit Snaps)
ShadowCharizard (Spirit Art)
xxSmileYouAreBeautifulxx (AJMV)
WootMoo (Play Wild)

Would you like to become a Spirit Author for AJS? Click here to fill out the Animal Jam Spirit application system. I will contact you when we have openings in the positions you're interested in!
Happy jamming.

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